Monday, April 6, 2009

My Back and Forths with Alex.

pity the fool who can't survive on origami pirate hats and lever soap.


honor the fool who can't survive on two feet and iceberg lettuce.


but it's the peace like a catastrophe that leads him to supernatural disillusionment.


PAUSE: are you quoting something or are you brilliant?


brilliance is the absence of sanity in this world. therefore i am guilty of being called crazy. and i have never been one to plagerize. :UN-PAUSE


our back an fourths will make history.


what's left of history to come is but charred bones and makeup applicators.


but there is nothing to make but history.


so we blow out our candles, watch beauty pageant re-runs, and plant sunflower seeds.


in hopes that we can avoid brilliance.


and in our attempt to hide from brilliance we complete the beautiful flawed perfection in the mold our lives are formed to. But then there are still the gummy bears born without arms.


In this mold we call home we live lives of discretion and confusion. Where we wait for a vacancy to shit and where the nonexistent arms of gummy bears can be mistaken for breasts.  

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