Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day something

Hola como esthasth ? (Spanish people have lisps)
San Sebastian is treating me really well. Yesterday it was 94 degrees!!! Today it's cold and rainy but I'm ok with that. My skin got red yesterday. Yesterday Sara and I walked around beached it up and swam in the ocean. It was one of the most blissful swims I have ever had. We went to the beach again last night with some of the hostelites tOo. Today Sara and I hiked up a mountain to see a Jesus sculpture it was cool. There was a museum a t the top too about the history of the city. Nice. Tonight we are gOing to some pincho bars which are like tapas bars but all to food is on display and u grab what u want and stand around and eat it. Better than a grad party.
Tomorrow we are off to Dax. I can't wait. Free times at American village await. I'm excited to meet the new people and I will finally get paid so I can pay back my beautiful father. Love!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day who knows

Hello! Sorry that my only post this week was a panicy One. That night sucked but I'm all better now. I just got to San Sebastian today!!! Mizzou and I Planned this last min. My original plan was to go to Venice from Madrid but that sounded expensive and stressful. So here I am in the north of Spain two hours from my next site..DAX. It's beautiful here...and hot as he'll 37!!!!! Wild. Total beach town. The beaches remind me of brazil. We laid out today and the only sunscreen they sold in the store was 15spf, luckily this pastey white chick avoided a sunburn. The hostel we are staying at is great!! It is what a hostel should be. Young tan people everywhere saying hi and cooking food together. Lots of ausies. Tonight we are going on a pub crawl with the hostel peeps. Should be good cheap fun.
As for my last days in Madrid they were very nice, no bad luck, lots of good food and a super fun night at a park where you can see all of Madrid. Huleya was a great host.
I'm gonna stop typing on this stupid I pod now.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So. I find myself with the time to blog only because I am sitting in a hallway outside of my hostel because I got locked out and my lame butt decided not to go to the fun Spanish club with spine and huleya. I'm cold, I have to pee and I keep anxiously waiting to hear the door oPen. So far it's been 20 min. This is bad luck moment number who knows what for this trip. What are the others you ask?? Well Paris was fun and all but each night included an argument. Or a failed attept at transport. Him versus her. Her versus him. Him versus him. Bus, no bus. Metro, no metro. Taxi, black taxi. It was expensive and stressful. We couldn't even find music on fete de la musique. What the he'll? Only the unluckiest person in Paris could do that. Did eat some good food though, and it was a borrito, go figure. Polar bear and I had found someone to couchsurf with for our far too long post spring session Paris trip. At first they were cool. They bought us tickets to a thing the first night we got there, thus we never got to meet up with the people we came to see. Sucked. But they were just trying to be nice. We def ended up over staying Our welcome when we asked if Our friend cheetah could stay as well. They said yes but became very grumpy with us and sent me a minorly slash pretty disappointing message after we left. It made me sad, because I was treating the situation how I would expect someone to ask in my house. I think it was a cultural thing because I felt very comfortable and made myself at home very quickly when they perhaps wanted us to act a little more like guests. I just used to moving around everyweek now and making wherever I am my home. O well, I learned something I guess.
O yOu want anOther bad luck moment? Here's one: that so called Plane ticket to Madrid I had...didn't have it. I was using mizzous card and it did t work apparently. So inter to the airport and voila, no go. I flip a little and then to buy a pricey train ticket. But hey I got a bed!! So I go to the train, wait 3 hours and go. THEN my train was late and I missed my connection. Fuck. BUT I got on a train asap and met some north Americans they were cool and made me less stressed. I arrived only two hours late but twenty hours later from the original plan. Huleya and slime were right there waiting for me!!
(update on my location: still in a hallway)
So today we went to the hostel that I had booked and they made us pay for last night and blah blah. It's ok but the lock system sucks obviously. It's in a good location but whatever. I ate tapas and drank sangria for dinner obviously. Eli e and huleya are at a club that I was too tired to go to so I went to the hostel to sleep LOL. TOmorrow will be better. It's hot here. I miss you all. I miss le borriede that site kicked ass. Love you. I

Sunday, June 12, 2011

DAY 33/34

hello friends and family

I had an amazing day.
Funky Monkey, Olive Oil, Bullwinkle and I joined the group of hikers staying at the site today on an intense mountain hike. It was amazing. really hard, I have not gotten that physical in ages. But if those old farts could do it I could do it. They still did it faster. It was specactualr. Cows and sheep and lakes and snow and flowers and rocks and bliss. It was great, it is something I will never forget.
It was so steep at one point that we had to slide down on our buts, I got cut up. Call me bad ass if you want. Im super pooped now, but luckily the childrens dont come tomorrow, so I have a day to plan my travels for my break. Whoop!
I dont feel like typing anymore...computers stress me out. LOVE YOU

Friday, June 10, 2011


hey again

So today is the last day with this group of angelic kids. I really love them, they are super smart and positive. Three inparticular..Crab Broil and Route 66, they are the most adorable pair of 13 year old asipiering rockstars. Theybrought thier guitars and they played at the spectacle last night and they are just plain ol' nice. They let me listen to the recording of thier band yesterday and it is sooooo cute and funny. They sing all in english! "We are the invaders, we are here to play music" haha. And then there is Magic Cat who I mentioned before. She only has one arm because she broke her collorbone and she is always talking in a monotone voice about how much she likes everything and how everything is so impressive. Love em.
Last night was the BOOM and it was so fun. I am slightly embarrassed by how much fun I have at these middle school dances, but how could I not be having fun when I'm jumping around to top 40 music acting like a fool? Its like having a remote control at those things, anything you do, the kids do. I started doing this stupid walk/dance to Benni Banassi Satisfaction and they turned it into a thing that they did all night (probably due to the fact that french kids have no rhythm and consider jumping a complicated dance move). We danced the night away (till 11) and I am sore today (that's also embarassing).
This weekend a new batch o' staff come and then the kids dont come till TUS! Long weekend. Some of us are gonna go on a hike with some of the people that will be staying at the site this weekend, its gonna be intense apparently..8 hours or something like that. Fuck yes, I can't wait...hiking in the mountains of France...I'm so lucky.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have started my morning with a walk, some coffee, kitten videos and reading about Transhumance.


That is the thing that I have been refering to as a cow sheep convoyage.

Yesterday the childrens came! They are 11-13, and super good at english. its gonna be a fun week.
There is one girl named Magic Cat who is fluent in english and I think we might become best friends. Ever since she came up to me and with a complete straight, serious face said to me in monotone, "It looks fun here"I knew we would get along.

Thats all for now

Sunday, June 5, 2011


We are 50 min from Spain...this map kinda sucks

This is where I live now!

The site


Sab and Jan!

Spargel season

Sabrina's mommy and sissy on our day adventure

I ate this^ Its called mett, raw meat on a roll with onions, poor man's tartare

The Museum in Hannover I stumbled into

German beer, duh.



WHY hello!

I just wanna start off by saying a big CONGRATS to my little brother Bjorn for graduating from that High School!

Now, as for yesterday, it was very nice and relaxed. It was just me and OliveOil and Bullwinkle for most the day, we hitched to town and bought some VEGGIES (i needed that after eating only bread and meat in germany), the town here is beautiful, river running through, rolling hills, cute old builings and cute old people.
It was kinda rainy all day...Bullwinkle and I went for a RUN in it. I hadnt run in ages. I think these girls are gonna motivate me a lot, and I like it!
AND SARA/MIZZOU came yesterday!!! (I worked with her the entire 8 weeks 2 years ago, she is AWESOME)
Another boy came around 9 last night and another one is suposidly coming but is said to be lost. (exactly what i thought would happen to me) The director should be arriving today, heard he is pretty laid back, his name is The Dude.
So yea, today we are gonna "work" and walk to the lake! The sun is out now, but who knows.

O I almost forgot to tell you!! When Bullwinkle and I were coming back from our run we ran into a sheep convoyage!!! There were hundreds of sheep with tons of sheârds!!! SO COOL, they had big bells on thier necks and the shepards had sticks. So classic. Apparently all the animals move to the mountains for the summer, more water.


Friday, June 3, 2011


ooooFda as they say back in the mother land.

today was so long and crazy strange.

Lets start with last night. My bus left Hannover at 10 30 pm, Sab and Jan and I just hung out by the train station and people watched untill then. Once I got on the bus, the crowded bus, I was happy to be sitting next to a young smart bearded french man and not a leather pants, asparagus eating big german man. Xavier, the french boy, is getting his PHD in Berlin studying museum history. Pretty cool. I got to practice my shit french.
I slept most the ten hours and arrived in Paris at 9:30 in the morn (I guess that means it was 11 hours) and tired as hell I took the metro with my eyes closed to the trainstation and bought my ticket to Lannemezan.
This is when I realize I have not told the director of my site when I was coming/that I was coming. O SHIT moment number one. O SHIT moment number 2 came when I realized I did not have his phone number or a cell phone. I tried calling the site on a pay phone for A EURO A MINUTE that is like more than one dollar yall. No answer no answer. I called my old directors cell and left a panic message, and then I had to get on the train that might lead me to a place I would be stranded at. Blah blah blah, uncomfortable 6 hour train ride, blah blah. Its late O SHIT I miss my connection O SHIT I have to wait an hour. I borrow a bitchy french lady's iphone, no answer blah blah.
I get on the train, not really too worried even tho I should have been. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL HERE, mountains, sheep, mountains, trees, cows, sigh...
When I got to the train staion I knew I had to take a bus because I was still 60km from the site. I asked the information guy about it and he was all like, "pppft, c'est fini!" WHAT DO YOU MEAN CEST FINI I shouted in my head. Then a magical man from the back came out and said "Americane??" um yes! He said there was a taxi coming for me!!! I was amazed. I had no idea how this happened. I was getting ready to hitch in the rain. The taxi lady then drove me the 40 min into the most beautiful place. On the way a traffic jam was caused by a cow convoyage. Hillarious. Then she dropped me off at the site....and there was NOBODY there! I was slightly creeped out. Its like this old cabin place and it was raining and Im in the middle of nowhere. O SHIT #7? I just stood there thinking WTF is this day. THEN a car pulled up and it was 2 of my future coworkers and 2 french women that are staying at the site this weekend. The rest of the crew arrives tomorrow! So ya, had a nice dinner with OliveOil and Bullwinkle and took a shower in the one and only shower.
Now Im off to bed in a bunk!


Thursday, June 2, 2011



dont have a whole lotta time or will to write...
I spent all morn trying to buy a stupid trainticket to camp tomorrow and all I came out of it with was the realization that I am poor and that I have to wait till tomorrow till I can buy my ticket and that my director doesnt know that im coming so Im crossing my fingers that I can get ahold of him. HA.

It will all be fine. I leave Hannover at 10 30 tonight. 10 hour bus. then 7 hour train. ffffff.
im ready i bought chololate, nuts and pretzles. cant buy veggies or friut here becuase people have been dying from some sort of infection caused by fresh things. all i eat is bread and meat. cant wait to get back to france for that reason.

do i sound negative right now?
sorry the internet got me all mad.
I also decided to make all my reservations in french so im really hoping i did everything right.