Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day something

Hola como esthasth ? (Spanish people have lisps)
San Sebastian is treating me really well. Yesterday it was 94 degrees!!! Today it's cold and rainy but I'm ok with that. My skin got red yesterday. Yesterday Sara and I walked around beached it up and swam in the ocean. It was one of the most blissful swims I have ever had. We went to the beach again last night with some of the hostelites tOo. Today Sara and I hiked up a mountain to see a Jesus sculpture it was cool. There was a museum a t the top too about the history of the city. Nice. Tonight we are gOing to some pincho bars which are like tapas bars but all to food is on display and u grab what u want and stand around and eat it. Better than a grad party.
Tomorrow we are off to Dax. I can't wait. Free times at American village await. I'm excited to meet the new people and I will finally get paid so I can pay back my beautiful father. Love!

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