Thursday, June 23, 2011


So. I find myself with the time to blog only because I am sitting in a hallway outside of my hostel because I got locked out and my lame butt decided not to go to the fun Spanish club with spine and huleya. I'm cold, I have to pee and I keep anxiously waiting to hear the door oPen. So far it's been 20 min. This is bad luck moment number who knows what for this trip. What are the others you ask?? Well Paris was fun and all but each night included an argument. Or a failed attept at transport. Him versus her. Her versus him. Him versus him. Bus, no bus. Metro, no metro. Taxi, black taxi. It was expensive and stressful. We couldn't even find music on fete de la musique. What the he'll? Only the unluckiest person in Paris could do that. Did eat some good food though, and it was a borrito, go figure. Polar bear and I had found someone to couchsurf with for our far too long post spring session Paris trip. At first they were cool. They bought us tickets to a thing the first night we got there, thus we never got to meet up with the people we came to see. Sucked. But they were just trying to be nice. We def ended up over staying Our welcome when we asked if Our friend cheetah could stay as well. They said yes but became very grumpy with us and sent me a minorly slash pretty disappointing message after we left. It made me sad, because I was treating the situation how I would expect someone to ask in my house. I think it was a cultural thing because I felt very comfortable and made myself at home very quickly when they perhaps wanted us to act a little more like guests. I just used to moving around everyweek now and making wherever I am my home. O well, I learned something I guess.
O yOu want anOther bad luck moment? Here's one: that so called Plane ticket to Madrid I had...didn't have it. I was using mizzous card and it did t work apparently. So inter to the airport and voila, no go. I flip a little and then to buy a pricey train ticket. But hey I got a bed!! So I go to the train, wait 3 hours and go. THEN my train was late and I missed my connection. Fuck. BUT I got on a train asap and met some north Americans they were cool and made me less stressed. I arrived only two hours late but twenty hours later from the original plan. Huleya and slime were right there waiting for me!!
(update on my location: still in a hallway)
So today we went to the hostel that I had booked and they made us pay for last night and blah blah. It's ok but the lock system sucks obviously. It's in a good location but whatever. I ate tapas and drank sangria for dinner obviously. Eli e and huleya are at a club that I was too tired to go to so I went to the hostel to sleep LOL. TOmorrow will be better. It's hot here. I miss you all. I miss le borriede that site kicked ass. Love you. I

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