Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today and Yesterday were grand!

yesterday was Hollywood day and we had spectacle and watched the zombie/sifi movies we had made a couple days ago.
My group had a good premise: Aliens capture all the boys in the world and the girls fight the aliens and save humanity. Girl Power.
But I was silly and recorded it on a strange setting and everything was recorded in high speed with no sound...oops. It looked super cool so I went with it, and the programs we have to edit are to primitive to slow them down. I told the girls in my group what happened and they were totally sad, but when they saw it, I'm pretty sure they loved it.
This is it.......


I had a lot of fun making it, all the videos were super funny. I nearly died laughing that night. The sketches were also very entertaining. Mizzou and I got to do some of our favorite interludes like Steamroller, where all the counselors lay on the floor in a line and then roll over eachother one at a time while yelling STEAMROLLER! its funny. And we got to do our Talk to the Hand interlude, which is a dramatic reading of a translated french song, a very inapropriate song.

Today was hit music day! we taught dances and had a dance competition. Mizzou and I were the judges, and we started the night with a great choreographed dance. The kids were super into the competition, it was magic. The shy kid broke it down and the asshole kid was a saint.

Well 3 more days till intersession!!!


Saturday, July 9, 2011


The view from our cells of the Carrefour super store. DAX is a different kind of beautiful.

The DAX crew. Yes, I have a zombie face for a good reason.

The way back when Aze crew. I miss them.

Friday, July 8, 2011


We went to the beach today!!! started at the ocean and had to move to a lake because the waves were too intense and dangeroo. It was super fun and I am super sunburned.

Its been pretty fun with this group. they are older and super easy to entertain. "go do nothing" "YAY!!"

We have been working really long days tho, we are all pretty tired. I fell asleep in a dumpster when we did a spook walk because I was waiting to scare the children. I scared them good tho. Made some girls fall to the ground. Success.

Tomorrow the kids are gonna plan thier own day, simple, and the next day I am off, so maybe I could catch up on some communication.

I got a pretty cute Valentine from a camper yesterday, it said something like this: "Rooney, you are my prefered concelor. You are very happy and the best people for speak english to" BAH cute.
The boom was crazy fun yesterday. These kids love to shuffle.
Gonna hit the sack.

Monday, July 4, 2011


The children arrived yesterday. They rich, they snobby, but there aere some gems. One girl made SOS signs for her windows already and claims to be sick all the time, she is spanish.

Here is a funny story from the other night before the kids came: We woke up one morning and we were having breakfast and Muffin came up looking super tired and started swearing up a storm and yelling at me and moose claiming thtat we came into her room last night and I was laughing. 'fuck you thats not a funny joke!' we were so confused. She was super mad at us and did not beileve us when we told her it wasnt us. All day there was tension. Later that night a man (from the group of french gymnasts that were also staying at the site) came up to us and said 'so who did i wake up last night' we all laughed and the mystery was solved. apparently he was super drunk and just walked into the wrong room, scaring the shit outa Muffin.
I have to go;;;;;;;;;;;;;; LOVE

Friday, July 1, 2011


hi my loves!

im here in DAX (no idea why its all capitolized)
we didnt have interwebs till today.
its cool here, the team is cool, all new people but me and Miz.
this is gonna be short and sweet.
i love you
i miss you

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day something

Hola como esthasth ? (Spanish people have lisps)
San Sebastian is treating me really well. Yesterday it was 94 degrees!!! Today it's cold and rainy but I'm ok with that. My skin got red yesterday. Yesterday Sara and I walked around beached it up and swam in the ocean. It was one of the most blissful swims I have ever had. We went to the beach again last night with some of the hostelites tOo. Today Sara and I hiked up a mountain to see a Jesus sculpture it was cool. There was a museum a t the top too about the history of the city. Nice. Tonight we are gOing to some pincho bars which are like tapas bars but all to food is on display and u grab what u want and stand around and eat it. Better than a grad party.
Tomorrow we are off to Dax. I can't wait. Free times at American village await. I'm excited to meet the new people and I will finally get paid so I can pay back my beautiful father. Love!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day who knows

Hello! Sorry that my only post this week was a panicy One. That night sucked but I'm all better now. I just got to San Sebastian today!!! Mizzou and I Planned this last min. My original plan was to go to Venice from Madrid but that sounded expensive and stressful. So here I am in the north of Spain two hours from my next site..DAX. It's beautiful here...and hot as he'll 37!!!!! Wild. Total beach town. The beaches remind me of brazil. We laid out today and the only sunscreen they sold in the store was 15spf, luckily this pastey white chick avoided a sunburn. The hostel we are staying at is great!! It is what a hostel should be. Young tan people everywhere saying hi and cooking food together. Lots of ausies. Tonight we are going on a pub crawl with the hostel peeps. Should be good cheap fun.
As for my last days in Madrid they were very nice, no bad luck, lots of good food and a super fun night at a park where you can see all of Madrid. Huleya was a great host.
I'm gonna stop typing on this stupid I pod now.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


So. I find myself with the time to blog only because I am sitting in a hallway outside of my hostel because I got locked out and my lame butt decided not to go to the fun Spanish club with spine and huleya. I'm cold, I have to pee and I keep anxiously waiting to hear the door oPen. So far it's been 20 min. This is bad luck moment number who knows what for this trip. What are the others you ask?? Well Paris was fun and all but each night included an argument. Or a failed attept at transport. Him versus her. Her versus him. Him versus him. Bus, no bus. Metro, no metro. Taxi, black taxi. It was expensive and stressful. We couldn't even find music on fete de la musique. What the he'll? Only the unluckiest person in Paris could do that. Did eat some good food though, and it was a borrito, go figure. Polar bear and I had found someone to couchsurf with for our far too long post spring session Paris trip. At first they were cool. They bought us tickets to a thing the first night we got there, thus we never got to meet up with the people we came to see. Sucked. But they were just trying to be nice. We def ended up over staying Our welcome when we asked if Our friend cheetah could stay as well. They said yes but became very grumpy with us and sent me a minorly slash pretty disappointing message after we left. It made me sad, because I was treating the situation how I would expect someone to ask in my house. I think it was a cultural thing because I felt very comfortable and made myself at home very quickly when they perhaps wanted us to act a little more like guests. I just used to moving around everyweek now and making wherever I am my home. O well, I learned something I guess.
O yOu want anOther bad luck moment? Here's one: that so called Plane ticket to Madrid I had...didn't have it. I was using mizzous card and it did t work apparently. So inter to the airport and voila, no go. I flip a little and then to buy a pricey train ticket. But hey I got a bed!! So I go to the train, wait 3 hours and go. THEN my train was late and I missed my connection. Fuck. BUT I got on a train asap and met some north Americans they were cool and made me less stressed. I arrived only two hours late but twenty hours later from the original plan. Huleya and slime were right there waiting for me!!
(update on my location: still in a hallway)
So today we went to the hostel that I had booked and they made us pay for last night and blah blah. It's ok but the lock system sucks obviously. It's in a good location but whatever. I ate tapas and drank sangria for dinner obviously. Eli e and huleya are at a club that I was too tired to go to so I went to the hostel to sleep LOL. TOmorrow will be better. It's hot here. I miss you all. I miss le borriede that site kicked ass. Love you. I

Sunday, June 12, 2011

DAY 33/34

hello friends and family

I had an amazing day.
Funky Monkey, Olive Oil, Bullwinkle and I joined the group of hikers staying at the site today on an intense mountain hike. It was amazing. really hard, I have not gotten that physical in ages. But if those old farts could do it I could do it. They still did it faster. It was specactualr. Cows and sheep and lakes and snow and flowers and rocks and bliss. It was great, it is something I will never forget.
It was so steep at one point that we had to slide down on our buts, I got cut up. Call me bad ass if you want. Im super pooped now, but luckily the childrens dont come tomorrow, so I have a day to plan my travels for my break. Whoop!
I dont feel like typing anymore...computers stress me out. LOVE YOU

Friday, June 10, 2011


hey again

So today is the last day with this group of angelic kids. I really love them, they are super smart and positive. Three inparticular..Crab Broil and Route 66, they are the most adorable pair of 13 year old asipiering rockstars. Theybrought thier guitars and they played at the spectacle last night and they are just plain ol' nice. They let me listen to the recording of thier band yesterday and it is sooooo cute and funny. They sing all in english! "We are the invaders, we are here to play music" haha. And then there is Magic Cat who I mentioned before. She only has one arm because she broke her collorbone and she is always talking in a monotone voice about how much she likes everything and how everything is so impressive. Love em.
Last night was the BOOM and it was so fun. I am slightly embarrassed by how much fun I have at these middle school dances, but how could I not be having fun when I'm jumping around to top 40 music acting like a fool? Its like having a remote control at those things, anything you do, the kids do. I started doing this stupid walk/dance to Benni Banassi Satisfaction and they turned it into a thing that they did all night (probably due to the fact that french kids have no rhythm and consider jumping a complicated dance move). We danced the night away (till 11) and I am sore today (that's also embarassing).
This weekend a new batch o' staff come and then the kids dont come till TUS! Long weekend. Some of us are gonna go on a hike with some of the people that will be staying at the site this weekend, its gonna be intense apparently..8 hours or something like that. Fuck yes, I can't wait...hiking in the mountains of France...I'm so lucky.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have started my morning with a walk, some coffee, kitten videos and reading about Transhumance.


That is the thing that I have been refering to as a cow sheep convoyage.

Yesterday the childrens came! They are 11-13, and super good at english. its gonna be a fun week.
There is one girl named Magic Cat who is fluent in english and I think we might become best friends. Ever since she came up to me and with a complete straight, serious face said to me in monotone, "It looks fun here"I knew we would get along.

Thats all for now

Sunday, June 5, 2011


We are 50 min from Spain...this map kinda sucks

This is where I live now!

The site


Sab and Jan!

Spargel season

Sabrina's mommy and sissy on our day adventure

I ate this^ Its called mett, raw meat on a roll with onions, poor man's tartare

The Museum in Hannover I stumbled into

German beer, duh.



WHY hello!

I just wanna start off by saying a big CONGRATS to my little brother Bjorn for graduating from that High School!

Now, as for yesterday, it was very nice and relaxed. It was just me and OliveOil and Bullwinkle for most the day, we hitched to town and bought some VEGGIES (i needed that after eating only bread and meat in germany), the town here is beautiful, river running through, rolling hills, cute old builings and cute old people.
It was kinda rainy all day...Bullwinkle and I went for a RUN in it. I hadnt run in ages. I think these girls are gonna motivate me a lot, and I like it!
AND SARA/MIZZOU came yesterday!!! (I worked with her the entire 8 weeks 2 years ago, she is AWESOME)
Another boy came around 9 last night and another one is suposidly coming but is said to be lost. (exactly what i thought would happen to me) The director should be arriving today, heard he is pretty laid back, his name is The Dude.
So yea, today we are gonna "work" and walk to the lake! The sun is out now, but who knows.

O I almost forgot to tell you!! When Bullwinkle and I were coming back from our run we ran into a sheep convoyage!!! There were hundreds of sheep with tons of sheârds!!! SO COOL, they had big bells on thier necks and the shepards had sticks. So classic. Apparently all the animals move to the mountains for the summer, more water.


Friday, June 3, 2011


ooooFda as they say back in the mother land.

today was so long and crazy strange.

Lets start with last night. My bus left Hannover at 10 30 pm, Sab and Jan and I just hung out by the train station and people watched untill then. Once I got on the bus, the crowded bus, I was happy to be sitting next to a young smart bearded french man and not a leather pants, asparagus eating big german man. Xavier, the french boy, is getting his PHD in Berlin studying museum history. Pretty cool. I got to practice my shit french.
I slept most the ten hours and arrived in Paris at 9:30 in the morn (I guess that means it was 11 hours) and tired as hell I took the metro with my eyes closed to the trainstation and bought my ticket to Lannemezan.
This is when I realize I have not told the director of my site when I was coming/that I was coming. O SHIT moment number one. O SHIT moment number 2 came when I realized I did not have his phone number or a cell phone. I tried calling the site on a pay phone for A EURO A MINUTE that is like more than one dollar yall. No answer no answer. I called my old directors cell and left a panic message, and then I had to get on the train that might lead me to a place I would be stranded at. Blah blah blah, uncomfortable 6 hour train ride, blah blah. Its late O SHIT I miss my connection O SHIT I have to wait an hour. I borrow a bitchy french lady's iphone, no answer blah blah.
I get on the train, not really too worried even tho I should have been. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL HERE, mountains, sheep, mountains, trees, cows, sigh...
When I got to the train staion I knew I had to take a bus because I was still 60km from the site. I asked the information guy about it and he was all like, "pppft, c'est fini!" WHAT DO YOU MEAN CEST FINI I shouted in my head. Then a magical man from the back came out and said "Americane??" um yes! He said there was a taxi coming for me!!! I was amazed. I had no idea how this happened. I was getting ready to hitch in the rain. The taxi lady then drove me the 40 min into the most beautiful place. On the way a traffic jam was caused by a cow convoyage. Hillarious. Then she dropped me off at the site....and there was NOBODY there! I was slightly creeped out. Its like this old cabin place and it was raining and Im in the middle of nowhere. O SHIT #7? I just stood there thinking WTF is this day. THEN a car pulled up and it was 2 of my future coworkers and 2 french women that are staying at the site this weekend. The rest of the crew arrives tomorrow! So ya, had a nice dinner with OliveOil and Bullwinkle and took a shower in the one and only shower.
Now Im off to bed in a bunk!


Thursday, June 2, 2011



dont have a whole lotta time or will to write...
I spent all morn trying to buy a stupid trainticket to camp tomorrow and all I came out of it with was the realization that I am poor and that I have to wait till tomorrow till I can buy my ticket and that my director doesnt know that im coming so Im crossing my fingers that I can get ahold of him. HA.

It will all be fine. I leave Hannover at 10 30 tonight. 10 hour bus. then 7 hour train. ffffff.
im ready i bought chololate, nuts and pretzles. cant buy veggies or friut here becuase people have been dying from some sort of infection caused by fresh things. all i eat is bread and meat. cant wait to get back to france for that reason.

do i sound negative right now?
sorry the internet got me all mad.
I also decided to make all my reservations in french so im really hoping i did everything right.



Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Today Sab and I woke liesiurly (sp?) and she cleaned while I read my book! MY BOOK! it was so nice to read. I broght all these books, but Amvil has allowed me no time.
Anyway, we went to Sab's med school for a cafeteria lunch at the hospital. It was super interesting. Tons of white twenty somethings wearing white all eating the same thing. We met her friends Christof and Whatshisname and ate, then went our separate ways. I took the train to the city and walked in the rain till I stumbled upon a museum with a design exibit going on. It was super. They had loads of Charles and Ray Eames stuff and they had an Andrea Zittel piece, pretty snazzy. The museum itself was really nice. It was a giant cube with interesting windows, the displays were super nice as well. The founders were collectors of mainly ancient egyptian art and they tons of it! They even had mummie hands! real fleshy preserved hands! They were kept in a case under a felt cover, and curious ol' me lifted it to find THE HANDS, it wasnt as gross as im making it sound, i just thought the level of censoring in the display was funny, o the germans.
After that I made my way to the trainstation where I met sab some hours later.
We then went to her parents house for dinner and tomorrow i have to teach an english class at 8am! WHOOP. THis is what I will teach "Repeat after me: U. S. A." Then I will start a chant. HA.
Any way better sleep so Professor Maddie doesnt act like a slob infront of the 8 year old German students.

Monday, May 30, 2011



Today is a toasty 30 degrees!

Sab and I went to her parent's house in Leiferde last night via train. We ate a nice dinner of REAL bread and fixings, and then just chatted with her Mommy Ully for a good while. Her mom works at the elementry school near thier house where her little sister Svenja goes and she asked me if I would come do an englsih lesson on Wed! I said yes yes yes. Now I have to come up with 45 min of content to teach 8 yearold germans. I might give them a worksheet on the US. haha.
So I decided to not go to Berlin, it is too expensive, and I would rather just relax here with sab and her fam. I have missed them.

I woke this morn from a wonderous sleep, and we took a walk around the village and came back and sunbathed in the hot heat. Then Sab and I took off in the car to Hildesheim, a city nearby where all the UW Stouties go on exchange. My friend Jake from high school and from Stout lives there now, and we tried to contact him to meet up but he was busy so we went anyway and just bummed around. AND THEN just as we were leaving, I see a boy that looked similar to Jake on a bike and I said "Jake!?" and he looked up and low and behold it was him. SMALL WORLD. I love that shit. We chatted with him for awhile, and made plans to meet on Thursday in Hannover. So that was cool.

Now we are back at sab's place watching Friends again and baking bread.
Tomorrow Sab has class so I might go to the museum.
CHOOOZ that means bye I guess.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Sitting on the Auto Route, hitching to Paris

Photobooth America

Castle #2 : Petit Bois

First night at Petit Bois, stumbled into a Bachelorette/Bachelor party at the Chateau.

Staff BOOM sans children

Buying cheap cheap wine at Le Cave d'Aze.

My Level 1 english class on graduation daythe first week at Aze!

Photobooth turned PIMPbooth that I set up at the Carnival.

My classroom^^

Castle #1- Aze



the last three days have been great and crayy.

Lets start with friday. The children left in the afternoon. It was great to see them go. Im gonna miss Mambo #5. We asked our directer if we could catch the bus to Paris with the kids and he said no and that was that. whatever, not like it was pouring rain at that point or anything. (it was). So we had a beer and packed our stuff and got hitch-a-hikin!
There were 5 of us, so we split into 2 groups. One French speaker, one male and one large suitcase for each group. (I was the suitcase portion) F my large large suitcase, I really really should have brought my backback. Im kicking myself in the butt. My arms are a little stonger feeling though. So I was in the group of 3 with Bosch and Polar Bear. Hank and Buckshot went separatly, they were saying things along the lines of us not making it and them making it, so we all gave Buckshot our money for the Hotel just incase we didnt make it there. Remember this detail for later in my story.
So we start off at a round-a-bout twords Moulin and after 15 mins we get picked up and brought all the way to Moulin. Then after 15 more mins we get picked up and brought a lil further. Then we get picked up by a dude in a fast cool car and got taken pretty far pretty fast. At this point we were 200km from the Paris destination and we were waiting in a not so good spot...so moral was down...and then after 30 min we got picked up by a really nice couple from belgium heading home from a car show. They took us the final 2 hours to Paris. We got sooooo lucky! It took us 6 hours to go a 3 hour distance, BUT it was FREE, and fun, but seriously fuck my suitcase, that was annoying.
When we got there, we got a call from the other two.....du du duuuuuu, they didnt make it! they had gotten like 5 rides but only for short distances, so they decided to take a train on the following day. We were pretty bummed. 1. cause we wanted to have a wild time in paris with them and 2. because Buckshot had all the money for the Hotel.
We checked into the hotel around 10 and began the evening. Long story short...we ended up at a Dub step party at a hostel with some hippy kids. it was fun.
Sat morn we woke up and attempted to meet Hank and Buckshot at the trainstation but they never showed, so Bosch and Polar Bear caught the train back to Montlucon (they had to work today). It was kinda sad to say goodbye to my little canadians. I will hopefully see them again.
After they left I stumbled into the Botanical Gardens of Paris. It was Increadible! HUGE, I feel asleep in the sun in the labyrinth. The garden made me miss my mommy. (Hi Mom) I want to take her there.
I spent a good two hours in the garden and then I went walking twords the Jardin de Louvre. It took me two hours to get there, mainly because I kept stopping. I found a really great nieghborhood with vintage shops and art galleries. I bought a dress, and ate a spinach pastery that would make you wanna surrender. I spoke all in french that day. Im getting pretty good. I had a conversation with a man selling old postcards, and he made me decide that I kinda want his job. He sits by the Siene and sells old books and postcards. I prob wont get his job, but a girl can dream.
When I got to the Louvre I fell asleep int he grass for a bit and then headed back to get my bag so I could make it to the bus station on time. I did and at 7 30 I hopped on the bus that would get me to Hannover in a speedy 10.5 hours.
The man next to me was big, ate smelly canned food and wore leather pants. I imagined his story in my head. This is what I came up with: He is a 65 yearold gay man on his way back from Paris to Germany. He was in paris for work, he works for the Gay Hikers Accross Europe Association (GHAEA). Thats all I came up with, mostly this day dream was based on his choice to wear hiking boots with his leather pants.
Anyway the bus ride was long. I arrived in Hannover at 5 30 this morning and Sab was there to get me, we embraced and then hopped on the train to her house. I immediatly passed out for four hours and now we are just hanging out eating cookies and croissants watching friends while I take care of unfinished buisness here on the internet.
I will be here for the next couple days and then back to Paris and then to the South of France for work next week!


Thursday, May 26, 2011


hellllllloooooooooo mes amies

jesus> sorry for the lack of posts.
its been kinda a crazy couple days. Im so tired.
This group of kids is very difficult. They are only seven, meaning they just learned to write only two years ago. Thus english class is super hard. they can't even answer the question "how are you?" wewh. As an untrained ESL teacher it gets pretty tricky to come up with lesson plans. Solution = lots of hang man. ha. Class goes well for the first day and kinda the second then the third they go fucking bonkers and I spend the entire class saying WAIT SIT NO STOP and they dont even know those words. Ha. I resort to french most times, resulting in an improvment in my french, thats good.
There have been some super awesome moments this week though. There is this kid named Mambo #5, he looks like a little bat. His face is always super dirty and he is super mini and he has gigantic bat ears SO CUTE. He and I have really great convos where we both speak in Blah, blah blahs and Beepity bop boo bops.
Another great thing about this age group is how easy they are to entertain. You can smile at them funny and they will drop to the floor laughing. I love it. We did a skit where Maverick stood on a chair and ate an apple for an entire song. They loved it. sooooo easy.
The teachers this week are pretty cool. They help out a lot because this is a group of kids from a poor part of Paris>>behavior problems. Fights, lots of fights.

I have been trying to plan my week off, but I have been so tired at the end of everyday that its hard, AND lets not forget about the Volcano in Iceland that is preventing anyone from flying. Fuck. and trains are hella expensive too. My plan thus far is to go to paris with some of my colleagues and then head to Germany to see Sabrina and maybe Mathias.
I should do that now.
I have time because I was assigned to the computer room for freetime but 7 year olds dont care about computers so I am alone. BLISS.

Im gonna search the internet for cheap transport now.


Sunday, May 22, 2011


sorry for the lack of bloggage.

So here I am at Petit Bois, its in the center of France. very very beautiful here.
its another castle. this one is un chateau gothic. Its much smaller, I am sharing a room with Bosch.

Leaving AZE was sad. We had a very successful counselor boom on Friday. AKA deeerrunks. In the morning I threw all my shit in my bag, my gigantic bag, and we left for the train to Petit Bois (Polar Bear, Bosch, Hank and I)
The train ride was so pleasent. We played the DayDreamGame (@Randali) soooooo fun, and we got a spectacular view of the land of France. Our "layover" was in Lyon, and I def would like to try to go back, it seems nice.
I hear Lyon is the smaller, cleaner Paris.
Last night we arrived, met the new peeps, half are from Canada and half from the states. We had a nice dinner (GOD DAMN THE CHEESE IS SO AMAZING)
There happened to be a Bachelor/Bachelorette party happening at the chateau and we were invited to join the party. They were all wearing Hawaiian shirts and when I asked if that was the theme, they said that they are party shirts. Duh? the bride was dressed in this hidious pink gown with crazy makeup and they were all super trashed and sang the magic carpet song in french which translates the "the blue dream" HA
so that was fun.

Today we did lots of work""

I have next week off and i am so excited. i can go all the places i want to go now. this weekend, Bosch and I are going to hitchhike somewhere and couchsurf. Tres pumped.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


can i write tomorrow? im tired.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011




thats how we get the kids attention.

OK ima tell you about a kid named Sugar. Sugar may or may not be a little retarded. sorry for the R word, but seriously. He is the most hilarious thing. Even his french is hilarious. His english even worse. He got pepper in his eye at dinner because he was flailing around, and his face was so funny I couldnt stop laughing (probably mean of me)
A boy named bull said he does not listen to women in french to me today and i wanted to doink the kid in the head. but i smiled and said "do not disrespect me please"


its real hot here. Im getting pink.

tonight is carnival, Im the priest who will marry the children to one another. I made certificates with American flags on them. LOL!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



this seems like a chore right now...

The first day was good. tired but it was good.
Im teaching the level one english class, meaning..they have a hard time answer the question "what is your name?" eeeek. makes conversation pretty hard everything is super basic. they are only 10!!
so cute and tiny they are.
we played a game called mission impossible, it was pretty cute, they had to crawl quietly and slowly to get the golden ball and we were the snipers. soooooo funny. imagine 50 10 year olds cralwing in a field outside of a castle witht he mission i^possible song playing. sooooo funny.
I need a shower, I have fake blood and black paint all over me.
Love you, miss you, bye.

Monday, May 16, 2011


HELLO CHILDREN, they come today. we woke up early to prepare but they dont come till 2 so Hank and I went for a walk in the beautiful woods. we also did a tour of the old buildings and the CAVE. the site used to be owned by a french man that was helping the Nazis so its kinda creepy. in the servants quarters there is this room with TINY TOILETS like very tiny. they are probably one foot of the ground, and there are mini sinks and showers too. very strange. elfs? child slaves? no one knows. no one would ever construct a mini bathroom now, "grow into it". They were so accomidating back in the day LOL. the cave was exciting, its blocked off by a flower gate, o the french.
Last night I took a walk to town at twilight. very nice. the counrty is soooo nice here vineyards forever.
Found out i will be moving sites this weekend. im a little sad because i dont feel like I got to see everything here, i wanted to go to the vineyard up the street to do a wine tasting. but i guess i am moving to another chateau in the center of france. i hear the food is good there. its exciting to move too, because I didnt at all last time.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


working today, and by work i mean making crafts and coloring with markers...in a castle.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


i like that i wrote 'gold night' at the end of the last post. ha.

I leave for AZE today! catching a train in 2 hours. excited. gonna read so much.
Said goodbye to Sarah, David and David this morn, hopefully i will be able it meet up with them in VENICE (?). They are off to the south as well to begin thier bike ride. Ended up not going to breakfast cuz i needed to organize myself.

Now im gonna go to the market and get some snackies for the road/tracks. apparently its not a highspeed train...wah wah..but the scenery will be nice.
This hostel was so nice. soooo glad i didnt go to the other.
I better go...people waiting for this slow shitty computer.
Love you! talk to you once i arrive in american villageeeeee. omg i cant believe im going back. omg.

Its the next day but I will update this day.
Got to AZE after a tireing train trip. ITS A FUCKING CASTLE!!!!! A REAL CASTLE, i am in a castle!!
we started with a tour of the amazing grounds GIGANTIC and there are gardens and ponds and bridges and trees, and caves, and sculptures. its amazing:
this french keyboqrd sucks:::::
we then hqd an amazing dinner, zine cheese wine cheese.. the food will be good here, but we cook it our selves on the weekends because the kitchen staff arent here:
then we had a counselor boom that i wont go into details about..
O AND I HAVE MY OWN ROOM WITH A SHOWER that looks out to the garden!!! pics to come maybe
Qnd the people are cool: polar bear, griffin, bosh, cheeta, yoshi, hank the tank, karma and queen.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Is it really only day seven? I am on my I touch right nOe so this will not be very eloquent or long . Today was good. Hung out with the Russian girl from my room and we walked along the river then she wantEd to come to the Pompidou with me. I warned her that I wanted to be ther all day and she still ended up paying the twelve euros to come in and only spent forty mis. W/e that happened to me last time when I bright someone with me. I ended up spending FOUR hours there. They have and amazing video library that I got lost in.
I then went back to the hostel and luckily foun David, Part two of the ausie bike pair. We then met Sarah and her friend David who had been biking all day. We had an Asian inspired dinner and then went back to the hostel forma bottle of wine. And then we went to a magazine launch that their friend was a part of. Mag launch equals major hipster party. It was interesting and it didn't tame long for us to leave to go to a bakery. Now I'm in bed. Miami girl below and German tO my right: goIng to breaky in the morn with the ausies. GOld night!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


oo la

All the stress from yesterday is gone...wait...did i even tell about it? NO not yet, sooooooooo, that nice place called Friends hostel that I booked turned out to be a BAD IDEA. Liane was curious so about 3 hours before my flight we were looking at the reviews and I quote, "Dont go here! its in a bad area full of prostitutes, gangs and pimps!" there were some really extreme ones about getting mugged and stuff too. No wonder the fucking place was only 17 euros a night. DAMN. I got super scared and booked 2 nights at a hostel I have been before in the the perfect neighborhood and perfect everything, but it was more than double the price. My logic was, I would rather pay a lil more than get robbed of all my things and my dignity. Im hoping I was able to cancel the other, but Im still unsure. Thats what my stupid butt gets. ALORS
Here i am in FRANCE! I got to the hostel when planned and they were playing Madonna Like a Prayer when I walked in. *Meant to Be***
When I was walking here I saw an adorable pair on bikes and they looked just as lost as I, low and behold they were going where I was going. We started talking and they are from Australia and they are gonna be biking from the south of France to Venice for the Venice Biennale!!! SO cool! turns out they are both artists and they go to the Biennale every 2 year (duh)s! They pretty much convinced me to go too...I just have to get there. I knew it was happening this year, but for some reason I didn't think it was plausable, but they convinced me it is...so we will see about that.
We werent allowed to check into our rooms for another 5 hours or something so I went with them and thier bikes to Sacre Couer with a bottle of wine. So nice, just like old times. It is hot here. The hill was PACKED with people, interesting people.
My clock is fucked up. I didnt sleep on the plane at all and then it was 6 hours later here, still not sure what time it is.
p.s. Air France kicks asssssss, we got wine and salmon and pasta and cake and bread and cheese and coffee for dinner and then 2 hours later we got breakfast. HA. and I got a free blanket outa the deal....
p.p.s. The tattoo face guy from the Lady Gaga Born This Way video was sitting RIGHT behind me on the flight. He is very tiny in person. I wanted to say something but his skull face was intimidating.

I just woke from a nap, don't know how long it was, the german girls in my room are nice. Im gonna go to the eiffel tower tonight, keep the tradition alive. I think im hungover already. :/

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You know you are in Canada when you see a man riding his bike with a hockey stick in his hand, or a man hitting an apple back and forth with a hockey stick on a street corner.


O we sleep so late. Very very needed. Montreal has become my place of repose, post leaving MN loco-timez and pre American Village crazy-town. I needed sleep and I know Im gonna need sleep. So it has worked out pretty well that Liane works till 7 30 in the morn and sleeps till afternoon. I don't even feel like I am being cheated of a Canadian experience, 5 days is plenty and I have done so much already.

I leave for La Belle Pays today!! I will arrive in Paris in the morn. I secured my hostel yesterday, its called Friends, sounds good to me.

We were gonna go to a yoga class this morn, but Liane should sleep. This afternoon we are having brunch with Brown Sugar and then we are gonna go to the tip top of the mountain and have a look.

Its gonna be a toasty 17 degrees c today! All the Canadians get your tans on already!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Good Morning Montreal!

Today Liane has class so I will go to the MUSEUM the contemporary art museum. Should be good. The art scene is hard to find here. They have a booming music scene and a pretty big film scene but contemporary art seems to be kinda under the radar. Im gonna find it.
Later tonight we are gonna see a some 'so bad its good' movie and then have a dinner party at Liane's. !



This day turned out to be amazing! I walked Liane to school and went to the art galleries at the school, they were pretty impressive.
THEN I went to the Musee des arts contemporaine. Unfortunately only one of the exhibitions was open because they are installing the new show. (a little bit poorly run but w/e).
BUT the institution was redeemed when I found the MEDIATEQUE! The museum library! It was chalk full of amazing beautiful books. I spent 2 blissful hours in those stacks. And I walked away with some photocopies of some articles as well. A worth while experience. A well needed experience.

3 hours and beaucoup de reading after, I met Liane after her class and we had dinner of Montreal bagels and lox.
I then walked back to her place and stumbled into a kooky shop, the kookiest shop I have ever been in. There were piles and piles of things and manequines galore! It was my dream land! I bought my lovely mother a dress. There was this giant pile that was about 6 feet high of clothes that were a dollar each. Be it only day 4 I resisted. The old man that runs the place was amazing. He gave made me a free shot of espresso. I love him. I love espresso. I love Montreal.

Monday, May 9, 2011


^This is Poutine^

Hi Bonjour (thats the test people give to see what language you respond to here)

Today was nice. Liane worked alllll night long so while she was sleeping I went on a nice little/long walk by myself. I ended up at a neat little coffee shop and sat on the back deck and soaked in the sun for hours. AND I FINISHED A BOOK, not a long book but i finished it, (thanks Grace Keaton) it felt so good to finish something (lolz). The goal was to sort out my thoughts and get some creative think time, mission 2/3 accomplished, I'm just plain ol' tired. I then met with Zig and we walked and ate and drank, very nice day. Now Liane is back at the movie set and I am gonna power nap for our make-shift-counselor-boom we are having tonight with Brown Sugar. We will probably end up getting poutine again.
Good night for now.

So, we tried to go to this bar where you can tell them adjectives for the drink you want and they will create something that fits. For example: "I would like something suspiciously whimsical" or "I would like something bro-mantic" Those were the ones I was gonna pull. BUT it was closed, wah wah. So we just ate some (a lot) of poutine at the famous La Banquese. I nearly keeled over and died.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


TIME 1pm

We slept long, and Liane's mom made us crepes.
Now we are gonna go to THE MOUNTAIN and toss a frisbeeee.
See ya.


So we tossed a frisbee. Liane had to volunteer at a movie set thing so it was just her friends Larry and JP and I. A very nice day.
Moved a couch, ate vegan food, baked a cake, now some early sleep. (but not for Liane, that crazy bitch had to go back to the movie set at 10pm and then she has to work from 12-7am!!!! she tests video games. yea.)
Good night.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


TIME: 4:12 am
Good morning. Ugggahh. Its pretty early for today and late for last night. I depart for Canada in 3 hours, and its a 3 hour international flight, gotta be there early early early.
I had a grrrreaattt long long last American day yesterday. Scooter ride, daiquiris, pedicures, suburban bike rides through the woods to DQ, friends, phone calls, bridges. Very nice.
My throat kinda hurts. (**HAnn@!!)
Tonight Dwight aka Liane is picking me up from the airport and we are gonna see B Sugar and Zig Zag. Can't wait!
Talk to you later fellow Americans.

Its the next day.
Yesterday was a tired fun walk. I got to Montreal at about 2pm and Zig and Dwight were there to pick me up. We went straight to Dwight's ((I should call her Liane, its prettier), and her fam was there from Toronto to do some renovations on her SUPER NICE apt. (her parents are cleaning around me right now as I type away on my super important blog.) Liane had to stay and help the rents so Zig and I took a walk to the old port...and everywhere. Bi-lingual cities are so interesting! We watched a street performer and he would say each sentence in french then in english. The french population is very proud of their frenchness. I wasn't sure if I should be ordering things in english or french and often times people do it in both languages. The street signs are all in french. There are a lot of anarchist punks here, its funny. Zig and I ate amazing Lebanese food for dinner and then I fell asleep in a book store. We were pooped. We then walked back to Liane's around 9 and her and her rents went to dinner while I "napped" so I would have enough energy to party. I woke up at 12 30 to Liane hovering above me saying "wanna sleep more?" I was so confused and scared until i realized where I was and that it was time to wake up and go out, yes, at 1am. So we went to her bf Antoine's place down the street and then to a bar. Her bf and his roomies are precious. They made a recording studio in their house, very nice, yes.
THEN we walked home at 5am and got POUTINE!! yes, the soggy fries with gravy and cheese curds on them. We ate them in bed and then went to sleep.
Good day.

Friday, May 6, 2011


So I finally found out my site assignment. I will be in AZE! (near Macon)
right here: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I leave tomorrow bright and early for C A N A D A. Talk to you then.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


(now I am going to waste some space to push my old posts out of view.)

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