Sunday, June 5, 2011


WHY hello!

I just wanna start off by saying a big CONGRATS to my little brother Bjorn for graduating from that High School!

Now, as for yesterday, it was very nice and relaxed. It was just me and OliveOil and Bullwinkle for most the day, we hitched to town and bought some VEGGIES (i needed that after eating only bread and meat in germany), the town here is beautiful, river running through, rolling hills, cute old builings and cute old people.
It was kinda rainy all day...Bullwinkle and I went for a RUN in it. I hadnt run in ages. I think these girls are gonna motivate me a lot, and I like it!
AND SARA/MIZZOU came yesterday!!! (I worked with her the entire 8 weeks 2 years ago, she is AWESOME)
Another boy came around 9 last night and another one is suposidly coming but is said to be lost. (exactly what i thought would happen to me) The director should be arriving today, heard he is pretty laid back, his name is The Dude.
So yea, today we are gonna "work" and walk to the lake! The sun is out now, but who knows.

O I almost forgot to tell you!! When Bullwinkle and I were coming back from our run we ran into a sheep convoyage!!! There were hundreds of sheep with tons of sheârds!!! SO COOL, they had big bells on thier necks and the shepards had sticks. So classic. Apparently all the animals move to the mountains for the summer, more water.


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