Friday, June 3, 2011


ooooFda as they say back in the mother land.

today was so long and crazy strange.

Lets start with last night. My bus left Hannover at 10 30 pm, Sab and Jan and I just hung out by the train station and people watched untill then. Once I got on the bus, the crowded bus, I was happy to be sitting next to a young smart bearded french man and not a leather pants, asparagus eating big german man. Xavier, the french boy, is getting his PHD in Berlin studying museum history. Pretty cool. I got to practice my shit french.
I slept most the ten hours and arrived in Paris at 9:30 in the morn (I guess that means it was 11 hours) and tired as hell I took the metro with my eyes closed to the trainstation and bought my ticket to Lannemezan.
This is when I realize I have not told the director of my site when I was coming/that I was coming. O SHIT moment number one. O SHIT moment number 2 came when I realized I did not have his phone number or a cell phone. I tried calling the site on a pay phone for A EURO A MINUTE that is like more than one dollar yall. No answer no answer. I called my old directors cell and left a panic message, and then I had to get on the train that might lead me to a place I would be stranded at. Blah blah blah, uncomfortable 6 hour train ride, blah blah. Its late O SHIT I miss my connection O SHIT I have to wait an hour. I borrow a bitchy french lady's iphone, no answer blah blah.
I get on the train, not really too worried even tho I should have been. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL HERE, mountains, sheep, mountains, trees, cows, sigh...
When I got to the train staion I knew I had to take a bus because I was still 60km from the site. I asked the information guy about it and he was all like, "pppft, c'est fini!" WHAT DO YOU MEAN CEST FINI I shouted in my head. Then a magical man from the back came out and said "Americane??" um yes! He said there was a taxi coming for me!!! I was amazed. I had no idea how this happened. I was getting ready to hitch in the rain. The taxi lady then drove me the 40 min into the most beautiful place. On the way a traffic jam was caused by a cow convoyage. Hillarious. Then she dropped me off at the site....and there was NOBODY there! I was slightly creeped out. Its like this old cabin place and it was raining and Im in the middle of nowhere. O SHIT #7? I just stood there thinking WTF is this day. THEN a car pulled up and it was 2 of my future coworkers and 2 french women that are staying at the site this weekend. The rest of the crew arrives tomorrow! So ya, had a nice dinner with OliveOil and Bullwinkle and took a shower in the one and only shower.
Now Im off to bed in a bunk!


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