Thursday, June 2, 2011



dont have a whole lotta time or will to write...
I spent all morn trying to buy a stupid trainticket to camp tomorrow and all I came out of it with was the realization that I am poor and that I have to wait till tomorrow till I can buy my ticket and that my director doesnt know that im coming so Im crossing my fingers that I can get ahold of him. HA.

It will all be fine. I leave Hannover at 10 30 tonight. 10 hour bus. then 7 hour train. ffffff.
im ready i bought chololate, nuts and pretzles. cant buy veggies or friut here becuase people have been dying from some sort of infection caused by fresh things. all i eat is bread and meat. cant wait to get back to france for that reason.

do i sound negative right now?
sorry the internet got me all mad.
I also decided to make all my reservations in french so im really hoping i did everything right.



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