Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Today Sab and I woke liesiurly (sp?) and she cleaned while I read my book! MY BOOK! it was so nice to read. I broght all these books, but Amvil has allowed me no time.
Anyway, we went to Sab's med school for a cafeteria lunch at the hospital. It was super interesting. Tons of white twenty somethings wearing white all eating the same thing. We met her friends Christof and Whatshisname and ate, then went our separate ways. I took the train to the city and walked in the rain till I stumbled upon a museum with a design exibit going on. It was super. They had loads of Charles and Ray Eames stuff and they had an Andrea Zittel piece, pretty snazzy. The museum itself was really nice. It was a giant cube with interesting windows, the displays were super nice as well. The founders were collectors of mainly ancient egyptian art and they tons of it! They even had mummie hands! real fleshy preserved hands! They were kept in a case under a felt cover, and curious ol' me lifted it to find THE HANDS, it wasnt as gross as im making it sound, i just thought the level of censoring in the display was funny, o the germans.
After that I made my way to the trainstation where I met sab some hours later.
We then went to her parents house for dinner and tomorrow i have to teach an english class at 8am! WHOOP. THis is what I will teach "Repeat after me: U. S. A." Then I will start a chant. HA.
Any way better sleep so Professor Maddie doesnt act like a slob infront of the 8 year old German students.

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