Thursday, May 26, 2011


hellllllloooooooooo mes amies

jesus> sorry for the lack of posts.
its been kinda a crazy couple days. Im so tired.
This group of kids is very difficult. They are only seven, meaning they just learned to write only two years ago. Thus english class is super hard. they can't even answer the question "how are you?" wewh. As an untrained ESL teacher it gets pretty tricky to come up with lesson plans. Solution = lots of hang man. ha. Class goes well for the first day and kinda the second then the third they go fucking bonkers and I spend the entire class saying WAIT SIT NO STOP and they dont even know those words. Ha. I resort to french most times, resulting in an improvment in my french, thats good.
There have been some super awesome moments this week though. There is this kid named Mambo #5, he looks like a little bat. His face is always super dirty and he is super mini and he has gigantic bat ears SO CUTE. He and I have really great convos where we both speak in Blah, blah blahs and Beepity bop boo bops.
Another great thing about this age group is how easy they are to entertain. You can smile at them funny and they will drop to the floor laughing. I love it. We did a skit where Maverick stood on a chair and ate an apple for an entire song. They loved it. sooooo easy.
The teachers this week are pretty cool. They help out a lot because this is a group of kids from a poor part of Paris>>behavior problems. Fights, lots of fights.

I have been trying to plan my week off, but I have been so tired at the end of everyday that its hard, AND lets not forget about the Volcano in Iceland that is preventing anyone from flying. Fuck. and trains are hella expensive too. My plan thus far is to go to paris with some of my colleagues and then head to Germany to see Sabrina and maybe Mathias.
I should do that now.
I have time because I was assigned to the computer room for freetime but 7 year olds dont care about computers so I am alone. BLISS.

Im gonna search the internet for cheap transport now.


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