Monday, May 30, 2011



Today is a toasty 30 degrees!

Sab and I went to her parent's house in Leiferde last night via train. We ate a nice dinner of REAL bread and fixings, and then just chatted with her Mommy Ully for a good while. Her mom works at the elementry school near thier house where her little sister Svenja goes and she asked me if I would come do an englsih lesson on Wed! I said yes yes yes. Now I have to come up with 45 min of content to teach 8 yearold germans. I might give them a worksheet on the US. haha.
So I decided to not go to Berlin, it is too expensive, and I would rather just relax here with sab and her fam. I have missed them.

I woke this morn from a wonderous sleep, and we took a walk around the village and came back and sunbathed in the hot heat. Then Sab and I took off in the car to Hildesheim, a city nearby where all the UW Stouties go on exchange. My friend Jake from high school and from Stout lives there now, and we tried to contact him to meet up but he was busy so we went anyway and just bummed around. AND THEN just as we were leaving, I see a boy that looked similar to Jake on a bike and I said "Jake!?" and he looked up and low and behold it was him. SMALL WORLD. I love that shit. We chatted with him for awhile, and made plans to meet on Thursday in Hannover. So that was cool.

Now we are back at sab's place watching Friends again and baking bread.
Tomorrow Sab has class so I might go to the museum.
CHOOOZ that means bye I guess.

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