Monday, May 16, 2011


HELLO CHILDREN, they come today. we woke up early to prepare but they dont come till 2 so Hank and I went for a walk in the beautiful woods. we also did a tour of the old buildings and the CAVE. the site used to be owned by a french man that was helping the Nazis so its kinda creepy. in the servants quarters there is this room with TINY TOILETS like very tiny. they are probably one foot of the ground, and there are mini sinks and showers too. very strange. elfs? child slaves? no one knows. no one would ever construct a mini bathroom now, "grow into it". They were so accomidating back in the day LOL. the cave was exciting, its blocked off by a flower gate, o the french.
Last night I took a walk to town at twilight. very nice. the counrty is soooo nice here vineyards forever.
Found out i will be moving sites this weekend. im a little sad because i dont feel like I got to see everything here, i wanted to go to the vineyard up the street to do a wine tasting. but i guess i am moving to another chateau in the center of france. i hear the food is good there. its exciting to move too, because I didnt at all last time.

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  1. You might be thinking it would be just as easy for them to make their way to the bathroom sink. Consider the fact that they will have to travel through the house with filthy hands and faces while leaving a trail of dirt behind them.