Sunday, May 22, 2011


sorry for the lack of bloggage.

So here I am at Petit Bois, its in the center of France. very very beautiful here.
its another castle. this one is un chateau gothic. Its much smaller, I am sharing a room with Bosch.

Leaving AZE was sad. We had a very successful counselor boom on Friday. AKA deeerrunks. In the morning I threw all my shit in my bag, my gigantic bag, and we left for the train to Petit Bois (Polar Bear, Bosch, Hank and I)
The train ride was so pleasent. We played the DayDreamGame (@Randali) soooooo fun, and we got a spectacular view of the land of France. Our "layover" was in Lyon, and I def would like to try to go back, it seems nice.
I hear Lyon is the smaller, cleaner Paris.
Last night we arrived, met the new peeps, half are from Canada and half from the states. We had a nice dinner (GOD DAMN THE CHEESE IS SO AMAZING)
There happened to be a Bachelor/Bachelorette party happening at the chateau and we were invited to join the party. They were all wearing Hawaiian shirts and when I asked if that was the theme, they said that they are party shirts. Duh? the bride was dressed in this hidious pink gown with crazy makeup and they were all super trashed and sang the magic carpet song in french which translates the "the blue dream" HA
so that was fun.

Today we did lots of work""

I have next week off and i am so excited. i can go all the places i want to go now. this weekend, Bosch and I are going to hitchhike somewhere and couchsurf. Tres pumped.


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