Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You know you are in Canada when you see a man riding his bike with a hockey stick in his hand, or a man hitting an apple back and forth with a hockey stick on a street corner.


O we sleep so late. Very very needed. Montreal has become my place of repose, post leaving MN loco-timez and pre American Village crazy-town. I needed sleep and I know Im gonna need sleep. So it has worked out pretty well that Liane works till 7 30 in the morn and sleeps till afternoon. I don't even feel like I am being cheated of a Canadian experience, 5 days is plenty and I have done so much already.

I leave for La Belle Pays today!! I will arrive in Paris in the morn. I secured my hostel yesterday, its called Friends, sounds good to me.

We were gonna go to a yoga class this morn, but Liane should sleep. This afternoon we are having brunch with Brown Sugar and then we are gonna go to the tip top of the mountain and have a look.

Its gonna be a toasty 17 degrees c today! All the Canadians get your tans on already!

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