Sunday, May 29, 2011



the last three days have been great and crayy.

Lets start with friday. The children left in the afternoon. It was great to see them go. Im gonna miss Mambo #5. We asked our directer if we could catch the bus to Paris with the kids and he said no and that was that. whatever, not like it was pouring rain at that point or anything. (it was). So we had a beer and packed our stuff and got hitch-a-hikin!
There were 5 of us, so we split into 2 groups. One French speaker, one male and one large suitcase for each group. (I was the suitcase portion) F my large large suitcase, I really really should have brought my backback. Im kicking myself in the butt. My arms are a little stonger feeling though. So I was in the group of 3 with Bosch and Polar Bear. Hank and Buckshot went separatly, they were saying things along the lines of us not making it and them making it, so we all gave Buckshot our money for the Hotel just incase we didnt make it there. Remember this detail for later in my story.
So we start off at a round-a-bout twords Moulin and after 15 mins we get picked up and brought all the way to Moulin. Then after 15 more mins we get picked up and brought a lil further. Then we get picked up by a dude in a fast cool car and got taken pretty far pretty fast. At this point we were 200km from the Paris destination and we were waiting in a not so good moral was down...and then after 30 min we got picked up by a really nice couple from belgium heading home from a car show. They took us the final 2 hours to Paris. We got sooooo lucky! It took us 6 hours to go a 3 hour distance, BUT it was FREE, and fun, but seriously fuck my suitcase, that was annoying.
When we got there, we got a call from the other two.....du du duuuuuu, they didnt make it! they had gotten like 5 rides but only for short distances, so they decided to take a train on the following day. We were pretty bummed. 1. cause we wanted to have a wild time in paris with them and 2. because Buckshot had all the money for the Hotel.
We checked into the hotel around 10 and began the evening. Long story short...we ended up at a Dub step party at a hostel with some hippy kids. it was fun.
Sat morn we woke up and attempted to meet Hank and Buckshot at the trainstation but they never showed, so Bosch and Polar Bear caught the train back to Montlucon (they had to work today). It was kinda sad to say goodbye to my little canadians. I will hopefully see them again.
After they left I stumbled into the Botanical Gardens of Paris. It was Increadible! HUGE, I feel asleep in the sun in the labyrinth. The garden made me miss my mommy. (Hi Mom) I want to take her there.
I spent a good two hours in the garden and then I went walking twords the Jardin de Louvre. It took me two hours to get there, mainly because I kept stopping. I found a really great nieghborhood with vintage shops and art galleries. I bought a dress, and ate a spinach pastery that would make you wanna surrender. I spoke all in french that day. Im getting pretty good. I had a conversation with a man selling old postcards, and he made me decide that I kinda want his job. He sits by the Siene and sells old books and postcards. I prob wont get his job, but a girl can dream.
When I got to the Louvre I fell asleep int he grass for a bit and then headed back to get my bag so I could make it to the bus station on time. I did and at 7 30 I hopped on the bus that would get me to Hannover in a speedy 10.5 hours.
The man next to me was big, ate smelly canned food and wore leather pants. I imagined his story in my head. This is what I came up with: He is a 65 yearold gay man on his way back from Paris to Germany. He was in paris for work, he works for the Gay Hikers Accross Europe Association (GHAEA). Thats all I came up with, mostly this day dream was based on his choice to wear hiking boots with his leather pants.
Anyway the bus ride was long. I arrived in Hannover at 5 30 this morning and Sab was there to get me, we embraced and then hopped on the train to her house. I immediatly passed out for four hours and now we are just hanging out eating cookies and croissants watching friends while I take care of unfinished buisness here on the internet.
I will be here for the next couple days and then back to Paris and then to the South of France for work next week!


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