Monday, May 9, 2011


^This is Poutine^

Hi Bonjour (thats the test people give to see what language you respond to here)

Today was nice. Liane worked alllll night long so while she was sleeping I went on a nice little/long walk by myself. I ended up at a neat little coffee shop and sat on the back deck and soaked in the sun for hours. AND I FINISHED A BOOK, not a long book but i finished it, (thanks Grace Keaton) it felt so good to finish something (lolz). The goal was to sort out my thoughts and get some creative think time, mission 2/3 accomplished, I'm just plain ol' tired. I then met with Zig and we walked and ate and drank, very nice day. Now Liane is back at the movie set and I am gonna power nap for our make-shift-counselor-boom we are having tonight with Brown Sugar. We will probably end up getting poutine again.
Good night for now.

So, we tried to go to this bar where you can tell them adjectives for the drink you want and they will create something that fits. For example: "I would like something suspiciously whimsical" or "I would like something bro-mantic" Those were the ones I was gonna pull. BUT it was closed, wah wah. So we just ate some (a lot) of poutine at the famous La Banquese. I nearly keeled over and died.

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