Saturday, May 7, 2011


TIME: 4:12 am
Good morning. Ugggahh. Its pretty early for today and late for last night. I depart for Canada in 3 hours, and its a 3 hour international flight, gotta be there early early early.
I had a grrrreaattt long long last American day yesterday. Scooter ride, daiquiris, pedicures, suburban bike rides through the woods to DQ, friends, phone calls, bridges. Very nice.
My throat kinda hurts. (**HAnn@!!)
Tonight Dwight aka Liane is picking me up from the airport and we are gonna see B Sugar and Zig Zag. Can't wait!
Talk to you later fellow Americans.

Its the next day.
Yesterday was a tired fun walk. I got to Montreal at about 2pm and Zig and Dwight were there to pick me up. We went straight to Dwight's ((I should call her Liane, its prettier), and her fam was there from Toronto to do some renovations on her SUPER NICE apt. (her parents are cleaning around me right now as I type away on my super important blog.) Liane had to stay and help the rents so Zig and I took a walk to the old port...and everywhere. Bi-lingual cities are so interesting! We watched a street performer and he would say each sentence in french then in english. The french population is very proud of their frenchness. I wasn't sure if I should be ordering things in english or french and often times people do it in both languages. The street signs are all in french. There are a lot of anarchist punks here, its funny. Zig and I ate amazing Lebanese food for dinner and then I fell asleep in a book store. We were pooped. We then walked back to Liane's around 9 and her and her rents went to dinner while I "napped" so I would have enough energy to party. I woke up at 12 30 to Liane hovering above me saying "wanna sleep more?" I was so confused and scared until i realized where I was and that it was time to wake up and go out, yes, at 1am. So we went to her bf Antoine's place down the street and then to a bar. Her bf and his roomies are precious. They made a recording studio in their house, very nice, yes.
THEN we walked home at 5am and got POUTINE!! yes, the soggy fries with gravy and cheese curds on them. We ate them in bed and then went to sleep.
Good day.

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