Saturday, August 29, 2009



spectacle was grand!

talk to the hand-great everytime

the evolution of britney spears-a new idea, basically we each chose a different part in brit's life and put a song to it and then danced. 1. hit me baby one more time = innocent, school girl brit, 2. oops i did it again = dizzy in the red onesie and blonde wig, 3. toxic = me with snake and underware over my pants, 4. some dumb song by brit = pregnant brit and kfed, 5. gimme more = the truth in a too tight tee, 6. womanizer = oz with a fupa and no moves, the rest of us as agile back up dancers.

and of course STEAMROLLER

good night.


i kayaked this day. it was glorious. and then i had a mud fight it was spiritual.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


^this is me yelling, HI EVERYBODY! I LOVE YOU!^

i can officially only stay here for another 10 days. or i will be deported because i lack a visa. thats cool though cause i will be home in 6 days modda fuddas!
today is my day off. encore. it was very nice. i am of with brown sugar and we went to saint hillair and played mini golf! it was hillarious. we were bad. i had a score of 59 and he won with a score of 50. there were only 12 holes.

now we will go to the english bar and have dinner. how nice.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009



i had a lovely day. we went to mont saint michel. 4 times baby. and it was a PERFECT day! the sun was out for the first time ever on mont saint michel day. thus, my face is sunburned. the one day i dont cover my self in SPF 50 i burn. damn.
this morning i woke to Dizzy (a daily life counselor) leading 4 boys in a work out at 8:15. they had climbed out thier window last night to have a little night time adventure and Dizzy caught them. they even stuffed thier beds to make it look like they were there. ha. everyone was SOOO pissed. i thought it was funny. the DLs were taking it like a personal attack on them. "we try sooo hard for them to like camp and they just go and sneak out like that! why would they do that to us?!" come on now. now they have kitchen duty everyday, they had to make a public apology and they had to do pushups at 8:15. i dont say anything. i would have done the same thing at camp. well, to each its own i guess.
everyone here is in a terrible mood. the campers pout all the time and want to go home and the counselors do the same. i still have fun.
zig zag sent us a package from canada and it cost her 89$$$$ OMG
it had peanut butter and oreos and mapel cookies! oh zig we love you. she really is the best!
its my night off again already. hehehe.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


today. nothing to say. i am sickish. CJ got us all meds and charged us 6 euros. a little steep, but i guess that is the price of my health.
the kids are truely awful. there are def some gems. i love them. they tried to sneak cigs today.
we call them ADS (alcohol, drugs, sex)
well just 5 more days!

Monday, August 24, 2009



today was my jour de repose. i needed it. i had grand plans to go kayaking...but the weather was cold...and i have a cold. i carried a roll of TP with me all day cause my nose was like a normandy cloud. i ended up just reading, napping and even painting! i painted a lovely watercolor of elton john. i was going to organize my things, was going to.
what i ate today: mini pancake with honey, extra large bowl of coffee, bread, sour candy, nutela crepe, icecream, sour candy, bread.
i missed lunch so i had to eat snacks. yum. i felt so strange and full of sugar.

half way through the session!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


75: hit music (lower caps)
it was a fun day. same same as usual usual.

76: valentines day encore
it was a good day. the kids in my class are reallllly slow. it is almost hilarious. i get so many blank stares i cant help but laugh.
BOOM was fun. the d bag kids were d bags as usual, but they didnt cause any problems. there were tears as usual and lots of bad music.
Hendrix stole my sunglasses (the ones hannah got for me in berlin) and i was soooo scared that he would break them that i gave him the sob story of how my best friend gave me those and she got them in berlin and i would cry all over his face if he broke them. he gave them back. that story was for hannah.

tomorrow is my day oooofff and i NEED it. i am tired and it has been a week without a break. i am going kayaking tomorrow!

Friday, August 21, 2009


neeeeener neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeener.

i got to plan campfire today. YES. and there is nothing to plan so i got to nap. YES. i am half asleep at the moment.


these kids. o geez.
dramatastic. one girl almost died today "".
donkey kong is a little butt head.
rainbow bright's parents are complaining to NACEL because we are "so terrible"
sahara is a liar.
peach doesn't eat.
chainsaw and nesquick dress like girls (thats actually pretty funny)
latoya attacked tux and broke his necklace and he cried all night.

i did have a nice day tho, i got to do a lot of relaxing. OZ (the new counselor, who is a lot like carolyn, she is pretty awesome) bought some cheese and we ate it, it was fun. i love cheese. who am i? not goat cheese, and definitly not camenbert.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



today...eyyy yiiii yiiii.

these kids are going to suck my soul out. they have more attitude than...well, um, something with a lot of attitude, you fill in the blank.
today one kid was so rude to me that CJ (director) had to talk to him and he cried and now he is scared of me. all they do is roll thier eyes.
hopefully they start to understand that they are not the hottest shit on earth and they will have some fun. (rich frenchies, i tell ya) they wear designer everything, heels to dinner, and they swish thier glowing locks away from thier eyes to see as they tie thier expensive adidas.

i am teaching level one english and i like them cause they are the nice quite 11 year olds. so thats a plus.

we all just want to be positive and get outa here. haha. its good tho, dont worry. hehe.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009



last night the little dinner party was very nice. i got to meet éric's roommate and friend. they are great. they live the simple life. "the simple life is the good life". we sat and talked in franglais for hours. it was fun.

this morning we woke at 6. shit. and then we went to the train station to catch our 7:25 train. it was the fast train so it wasnt bad. we got to avranches at 10:15 and to our dismay there were no buses till 12 so we just hitch hiked back. and then walked for 30 minutes with all our stuff. i have marks from my bag on my shoulder. oi. mizzou and i were back before the others so i got to shower and relax. the others returned shortly from paris, all in a terrible mood. yay. but they did bring a newbie, OZ, she is really cool, she lives in amsterdam at the moment and is originally from Madison, WI!! that makes me happy. we got another new french counselor because tux is gone now, his name is dizzy and he is crazy. nuff said.
today was long. it is late. the kids are older this time. all they do is roll thier eyes. i am teaching level one english (yikes). everyone here is in a bad mood so i am trying to be overly wierd to lighten the mood, it works sometimes.
i was a MN mom in a skit, it was my favorite costume yet.

goodnight lovas.

Monday, August 17, 2009



Cete jour we woke at 10. so much sleep again! it is grand. the cutty cats were in our room all night making all sorts of noise, but how could they bother me they are so cute.
éric took us to the city to go to the natural history museum and to the planetarium! he is so great! i didnt expect him to want to hang out with us. he must think we are cool.
the natural history museum was awesome, i learned a lot about animals and rocks. i now also know the french words for a lot of animals. example: hibou = owl.
the planetarium was cool as well. it made my eyes hurt a little, and mizzou fell asleep, but i suprisingly understood a lot of what the lady was saying.
it is hot here.
now we are at éric's house. he is out collecting his girlfriend and we are just hanging out. his other roommate is here, karl. he is funny, doesn't speak much english. he is currently working on the out house they are building, the "toilette natural".
we are having a little dinner party tonight. éric is making soy steaks for him and i!
a tout a l'heure!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


greetings from nantes. wish you were here.

last night we arrived in nantes and tux dropped us off at the hotel. we walked around for an hour and tux came back to pick us up to play LASER TAG. his text read: "i will be there in 15 min dont forget to wear all black" HA
we drove there and to our was closed. damn holidays. everything in europe is closed in august, and tourist spots are PACKED.
so we ended up going to the iles de nantes and sitting at a bar by the river. i was dead tired and could not even speak so we went to bed.

today we woke after a great nights sleep of 10 hours!!! say what? that never happens.
we checked out of the hotel and wandered in nantes. saw a castel (with wolves) saw a cathedral, saw an opera house, saw a tropical garden, went to the musé des beaux arts (it was GRAND, they had this great expo that filled this large room, i have no words to describe, i will show pictures), went to an awesome antiqe store, we ended up sitting infront of the chateau for a long time writing post cards, these french people came up to us (man and 2 children) and i am pretty sure (not positive) that they asked us if we knew where to get drugs. "je ne comprend pas"
THEN we were retrieved by éric and his girlfriend, the man who would be hosting us for the next two nights. we are now at his house and he is SO cool. he is a vegetarian and he cooked a lovely dinner for us. he has 4 cats. he has LONG hair. he has chickens. he is building an outhouse at the moment. he did a pilgrimage, where he walked from the middle of france to the middle of spain. basically an awesome dude. and we get to stay here for FREE!
tomorrow, no specific plans, but we will meet éric's friends.
now mizzou and i will watch harry potter in french with french subtitles.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


they are gone. there are 2 still lingering, and i dont care, i just walked away and now i am on the computer.
after they leave it is off to NANTEs WE GO! i am pumped. tux is going to take us to play laser tag tonight. french laser tag + techno music + in france...this night is going to be awesome.

so yes. i prob wont do a whole log of updating till tuesday..





they were annoying this day.

at the boom they had this master plan to push us in the lake at the end. they failed cause we got really mad. "not with these shoes on"
then they ended up all in the lake in the end. ha.

we had a counselor boom and the boys choir joined us and we stayed up way too late playing ping pong. the french are really good at ping pong.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


wow. 66 days. wow.

Dear all my favorite people,

Today was a good day. I got to go biking!!! it was increadible! i havent ridden a bike in ages! (66 days) 9 kids, a french man, tanner and i rode 13 kilometers. (feel free to convert that to miles americans)
it was so (excuse the language) fucking hard! normandy is covered in hills. we started the trip by weaving through trees, then we went to this obsical course for bikes! we had to go on this teeter-totter thing, slolom through poles on an incline, on a thin beam and under a pole and accross logs. it was intense. i screamed the whole way. "OO LA!" it was MUCH harder than it looked. then we biked on country roads and through the woods. we went on this one trail called the "Death Path" it was a narrow mud path in the woods. it looked straight outa harry potter! it was so cool! i almost fell 6 times. and it was slightly down hill! ZOOM. i was covered in mud. only one girl got hurt.
i am not sore yet but maybe tomorrow...

the kids were so annoying today. i yelled. and i hate yelling.

we did evaluations today. one kid wrote that the only thing that made him mad is the fact that he could not have more than 15 chicken nuggets. HA.

Tomorrow is the LAST day! thank god.
one more session to go.
i am going to be so attached to LA MAZURE it is my home. (j/k mom and dad)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Today was HOLLYWOOD day (again, again)
it was a glorious day. the weather was perfect and i barely had to work.
I was the host again for the spectacle this evening so i did not have work with the children today. good thing, cause they are really getting on my nerves. i love em though.

at the spectacle mizzou and i did a dramatic reading of a french song translated to english called "talk to the hand". it was funny.
we also did "steamroller" with all the counselors. its that thing that little kids (at least me) did at sleepovers. you are all laying next to eachother on the ground and a person on one end yells "STEAMROLLER" and rolls over everyone and then the next person goes. it was funny cause we have this really huge guy on our team and he rolled on us.

DAD i got the letter you sent me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i LOVE it!!! it was one of the nicest things ever!!!! thank you sooooo much it made my day!!!!!!!!!

Mizzou and I are going to Nantes for intersession! i am soooo excited we are getting a free ride there with Tux! it is going to be a cheap adventure!

bisous mes amies!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



i had a very nice day.
i had the day off with mizzou and we started the day by traveling to carrefore (france's walmart). we bought some nice things like cidre, cactus gummies, chocolate, baggette, cheese, postcards with giraffes on them, and glue sticks. then we walked to downtown ducey where we were presently suprised by a street market. we got crepes for 80 cents! there were tons of fruit and fish stands and a very strange jewlery stand selling things from claire's (yes like the tacky jewlery store in american malls). we then sat on the steps of a chateau and ate bread and cheese and drank cidre. then we hitch hiked home and hung out and listened to every CD we own and ate more bread and cheese. after our chill sesh we walked to les biards and went to the cafe that is NEVER open, but today it was! pure magic. old men made fun of me because i was wearing a birthday hat, they tried to read it and couldnt. after that we walked to a beautiful old cemitary. next to the cemitary there was an old haggered woman smoking a cigarette and burning brush. she was creating a lot of smoke, her turkeys could barely breathe. We then went to a pattieserie and mizzou bought a pastrey and we walked home. we were pooped by the time we got back so i napped with the dog. i never nap, i feel strange.
we ate dinner with the kids and they sang to me like 4 times and i got some nice notes. ZIG ZAG gave me the best gift ever!!! she (with the help of mizzou and brown sugar) made an entire deck of cards for me with pictures from camp on every card!! it is so nice. one of the best things i have ever recieved. apparently i saw her making it multiple times and i was too oblivious to realize. ha. she put so much time in to it!

i am still wearing my birthday hat and it is almost midnight.

i have to plan a lesson for tomorrow.

Monday, August 10, 2009


^me and my leg that i found on the street^

^quick sand at mont saint-michel^

^the camper called Jesus (notice the name tag and placement) this is an average day^

i sit here, tired but clean after a long day of more MONT SAINT MICHEL.
all i have been doing for the past hour is watching the second hand on the clock tick by untill it is my birthday. 40 minutes and counting.
just kidding, that is not what i have been doing.
i only look everyonce and awhile.
i dont know why i care, but maybe because i was getting an excessive amount of teenager jokes today. "haha, its cause you are still a teenager! haha"
but not tomorrow folks. muahaha!

edward update: now he is litteraly popping out of nowhere! he is everywhere i am...barking.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


i did a lot of not a whole lot.
we did a spook walk this evening and i scared the shit out of a few kids. i love looking dead. hannah, this would be your favorite day.

edward update: he told the kids that if they touch rooney, they touch him. HAHA.
he also found where i was napping and knocked on the window and laughed. wierd. o edward.

i think mizzou and i are going to try to go to nantes over intersession. there must be something cool there if a Bierut song is written about it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


this was sooo fun. (the french use the same word for this and that)
we had a small group of children in canoes and us grown ups were in kyaks. we explored the river, sang pochontas songs and got an arm work out.
then we played a game (fyi there is a basketball court on the water for boats) and we played canoe and kyak b ball, its very hard, but awesome and exciting. it started to get pretty intense. and all of a sudden the biggest (like BIG, bigger than I) boys at camp, who happened to be in a canoe together, were heading straight for me at ramming speed. and then i was in the water, clothes and all. "WATER FOREVER" thats what the kids yelled! it was sooo funny! then they all jumped in with me! it was soo funny...and fun!
def a good good good day.
later that night we went to a concert/exhibition given by the boys choir. O BOY those boys can sing. the age range is HUGE! 6-60! the littlest one barely sang he just picked his nose it was soo cute! some of them could sing sooooooo HIGH! it was increadible!
we finished the great day by sleeping in the TPs...cold as usuall, but fun as usuall (for me anyway, others hate it)

i have a problem. a little boy is in love with me. he tells me he loves me everytime i see him and he is always staring at me and he latches on to me and barks like a dog. it is wierd. but kinda funny. and super creepy. his name is edward and i believe he is suffering from short-term memory loss, he has the memory of a fish, he will literally ask you something 18 times before he remembers the answer. i will deal with the problems as they come i guess.
We had a fun boom this night.

Thursday, August 6, 2009



today it is RAINING. i dont know why i am suprised. we didnt go on our hike because of it.
i taught the thriller dance today...again. the kids liked it.
a birthday present from mommy and friends! best thing ever! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!
i screamed and showed everyone your pictures.
i know i should have waited to my birthday, but i was toooooo excited.

we had a campfire last night and invited the all boys choir and the handicaped people and we showed them how to make s'mores and the choir sang the star spangled banner for us! it was awesome!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


today i didnt have to go to the pool!
i lucked out again.
i got to stay here at the beautiful and strangely HOT la mazure all by myself to plan the evening program witch is campfire. meaning, almost 0 planning. we are inviting the boys choir that is staying here and the group of handicapped should be fun to have new faces. and both groups are going to sing for us! i got to sleep outside today and walk on the trails and be in the RARE normandy sun.
it was a great day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


ok. i am just going to start with today instead of backtracking. (i will later, when i have lots of energy to pour into the computer)

Today is day 3 with new campers and staff.
and it is my day off! i am off with the new french girl named Coco. she has a family friend near by that is going to pick us up and take us somewhere/anywhere and hopefully everywhere. she didnt want to hitch hike, so she insisted we go with these people. it will be fun to do something new since i found out i will be here at LA MAZURE till the end of my contract, meaning i will be in normandy france for a total of 8+ weeks. shit. I like it here, but i would like a change. pretty sure mizzou (the other girl who has been with me from the start and will be till the end) and I are the only 2 people who have ever stayed at one site for 2 months in AMVILL history. shit.
it will be fun tho, the new people are cool.
i have to go now. TTYL yall.


so the family frend of COCO picked us up and he is this really liberal, loud, man that lives in LA and hates the united states. majority of the things he talked about had to with how france was better than the us. it was kinda funny. he took us to his parents house near by and it was a beautiful french country home and the nice old people cooked local delicacies for us and practiced thier english with me. it was very nice.
then we went to Granville, a bigger city and walked around and shopped a lot. then we came home and went to the "english" bar for dinner. (it is owned by british people and ALL english people go there, it is strange)
it was a GREAT day off.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


^ all the staffers from session 2^
(right to left, top to bottom: ariel, toe jam, booga, dwight, tofu, dude, zig zag, earl, miki, rooney (moi), bad P, mizzou)

i could not keep up my blog very well kids left, i went to paris, and then i came home to la mazure to meet all new coworkers and a new director.

and sorry...but it is LATE and i am going to bed. YIKES.

the new people are cool
and the new director is hardcore, all buisness
and it is still raining

more later i promise

P.S. i am an english teacher this session! HA