Sunday, August 23, 2009


75: hit music (lower caps)
it was a fun day. same same as usual usual.

76: valentines day encore
it was a good day. the kids in my class are reallllly slow. it is almost hilarious. i get so many blank stares i cant help but laugh.
BOOM was fun. the d bag kids were d bags as usual, but they didnt cause any problems. there were tears as usual and lots of bad music.
Hendrix stole my sunglasses (the ones hannah got for me in berlin) and i was soooo scared that he would break them that i gave him the sob story of how my best friend gave me those and she got them in berlin and i would cry all over his face if he broke them. he gave them back. that story was for hannah.

tomorrow is my day oooofff and i NEED it. i am tired and it has been a week without a break. i am going kayaking tomorrow!

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