Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Today was HOLLYWOOD day (again, again)
it was a glorious day. the weather was perfect and i barely had to work.
I was the host again for the spectacle this evening so i did not have work with the children today. good thing, cause they are really getting on my nerves. i love em though.

at the spectacle mizzou and i did a dramatic reading of a french song translated to english called "talk to the hand". it was funny.
we also did "steamroller" with all the counselors. its that thing that little kids (at least me) did at sleepovers. you are all laying next to eachother on the ground and a person on one end yells "STEAMROLLER" and rolls over everyone and then the next person goes. it was funny cause we have this really huge guy on our team and he rolled on us.

DAD i got the letter you sent me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i LOVE it!!! it was one of the nicest things ever!!!! thank you sooooo much it made my day!!!!!!!!!

Mizzou and I are going to Nantes for intersession! i am soooo excited we are getting a free ride there with Tux! it is going to be a cheap adventure!

bisous mes amies!

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  1. sending you another letter today. cough*

    i like reading these thingys.