Thursday, August 13, 2009


wow. 66 days. wow.

Dear all my favorite people,

Today was a good day. I got to go biking!!! it was increadible! i havent ridden a bike in ages! (66 days) 9 kids, a french man, tanner and i rode 13 kilometers. (feel free to convert that to miles americans)
it was so (excuse the language) fucking hard! normandy is covered in hills. we started the trip by weaving through trees, then we went to this obsical course for bikes! we had to go on this teeter-totter thing, slolom through poles on an incline, on a thin beam and under a pole and accross logs. it was intense. i screamed the whole way. "OO LA!" it was MUCH harder than it looked. then we biked on country roads and through the woods. we went on this one trail called the "Death Path" it was a narrow mud path in the woods. it looked straight outa harry potter! it was so cool! i almost fell 6 times. and it was slightly down hill! ZOOM. i was covered in mud. only one girl got hurt.
i am not sore yet but maybe tomorrow...

the kids were so annoying today. i yelled. and i hate yelling.

we did evaluations today. one kid wrote that the only thing that made him mad is the fact that he could not have more than 15 chicken nuggets. HA.

Tomorrow is the LAST day! thank god.
one more session to go.
i am going to be so attached to LA MAZURE it is my home. (j/k mom and dad)

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