Monday, August 10, 2009


^me and my leg that i found on the street^

^quick sand at mont saint-michel^

^the camper called Jesus (notice the name tag and placement) this is an average day^

i sit here, tired but clean after a long day of more MONT SAINT MICHEL.
all i have been doing for the past hour is watching the second hand on the clock tick by untill it is my birthday. 40 minutes and counting.
just kidding, that is not what i have been doing.
i only look everyonce and awhile.
i dont know why i care, but maybe because i was getting an excessive amount of teenager jokes today. "haha, its cause you are still a teenager! haha"
but not tomorrow folks. muahaha!

edward update: now he is litteraly popping out of nowhere! he is everywhere i am...barking.

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