Sunday, August 16, 2009


greetings from nantes. wish you were here.

last night we arrived in nantes and tux dropped us off at the hotel. we walked around for an hour and tux came back to pick us up to play LASER TAG. his text read: "i will be there in 15 min dont forget to wear all black" HA
we drove there and to our was closed. damn holidays. everything in europe is closed in august, and tourist spots are PACKED.
so we ended up going to the iles de nantes and sitting at a bar by the river. i was dead tired and could not even speak so we went to bed.

today we woke after a great nights sleep of 10 hours!!! say what? that never happens.
we checked out of the hotel and wandered in nantes. saw a castel (with wolves) saw a cathedral, saw an opera house, saw a tropical garden, went to the musé des beaux arts (it was GRAND, they had this great expo that filled this large room, i have no words to describe, i will show pictures), went to an awesome antiqe store, we ended up sitting infront of the chateau for a long time writing post cards, these french people came up to us (man and 2 children) and i am pretty sure (not positive) that they asked us if we knew where to get drugs. "je ne comprend pas"
THEN we were retrieved by éric and his girlfriend, the man who would be hosting us for the next two nights. we are now at his house and he is SO cool. he is a vegetarian and he cooked a lovely dinner for us. he has 4 cats. he has LONG hair. he has chickens. he is building an outhouse at the moment. he did a pilgrimage, where he walked from the middle of france to the middle of spain. basically an awesome dude. and we get to stay here for FREE!
tomorrow, no specific plans, but we will meet éric's friends.
now mizzou and i will watch harry potter in french with french subtitles.

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