Wednesday, August 26, 2009



i had a lovely day. we went to mont saint michel. 4 times baby. and it was a PERFECT day! the sun was out for the first time ever on mont saint michel day. thus, my face is sunburned. the one day i dont cover my self in SPF 50 i burn. damn.
this morning i woke to Dizzy (a daily life counselor) leading 4 boys in a work out at 8:15. they had climbed out thier window last night to have a little night time adventure and Dizzy caught them. they even stuffed thier beds to make it look like they were there. ha. everyone was SOOO pissed. i thought it was funny. the DLs were taking it like a personal attack on them. "we try sooo hard for them to like camp and they just go and sneak out like that! why would they do that to us?!" come on now. now they have kitchen duty everyday, they had to make a public apology and they had to do pushups at 8:15. i dont say anything. i would have done the same thing at camp. well, to each its own i guess.
everyone here is in a terrible mood. the campers pout all the time and want to go home and the counselors do the same. i still have fun.
zig zag sent us a package from canada and it cost her 89$$$$ OMG
it had peanut butter and oreos and mapel cookies! oh zig we love you. she really is the best!
its my night off again already. hehehe.

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