Wednesday, August 19, 2009



today...eyyy yiiii yiiii.

these kids are going to suck my soul out. they have more attitude than...well, um, something with a lot of attitude, you fill in the blank.
today one kid was so rude to me that CJ (director) had to talk to him and he cried and now he is scared of me. all they do is roll thier eyes.
hopefully they start to understand that they are not the hottest shit on earth and they will have some fun. (rich frenchies, i tell ya) they wear designer everything, heels to dinner, and they swish thier glowing locks away from thier eyes to see as they tie thier expensive adidas.

i am teaching level one english and i like them cause they are the nice quite 11 year olds. so thats a plus.

we all just want to be positive and get outa here. haha. its good tho, dont worry. hehe.


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