Saturday, August 8, 2009


this was sooo fun. (the french use the same word for this and that)
we had a small group of children in canoes and us grown ups were in kyaks. we explored the river, sang pochontas songs and got an arm work out.
then we played a game (fyi there is a basketball court on the water for boats) and we played canoe and kyak b ball, its very hard, but awesome and exciting. it started to get pretty intense. and all of a sudden the biggest (like BIG, bigger than I) boys at camp, who happened to be in a canoe together, were heading straight for me at ramming speed. and then i was in the water, clothes and all. "WATER FOREVER" thats what the kids yelled! it was sooo funny! then they all jumped in with me! it was soo funny...and fun!
def a good good good day.
later that night we went to a concert/exhibition given by the boys choir. O BOY those boys can sing. the age range is HUGE! 6-60! the littlest one barely sang he just picked his nose it was soo cute! some of them could sing sooooooo HIGH! it was increadible!
we finished the great day by sleeping in the TPs...cold as usuall, but fun as usuall (for me anyway, others hate it)

i have a problem. a little boy is in love with me. he tells me he loves me everytime i see him and he is always staring at me and he latches on to me and barks like a dog. it is wierd. but kinda funny. and super creepy. his name is edward and i believe he is suffering from short-term memory loss, he has the memory of a fish, he will literally ask you something 18 times before he remembers the answer. i will deal with the problems as they come i guess.
We had a fun boom this night.

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  1. two lol moments:

    the boy who loves you barks


    I really did lol