Tuesday, August 4, 2009


ok. i am just going to start with today instead of backtracking. (i will later, when i have lots of energy to pour into the computer)

Today is day 3 with new campers and staff.
and it is my day off! i am off with the new french girl named Coco. she has a family friend near by that is going to pick us up and take us somewhere/anywhere and hopefully everywhere. she didnt want to hitch hike, so she insisted we go with these people. it will be fun to do something new since i found out i will be here at LA MAZURE till the end of my contract, meaning i will be in normandy france for a total of 8+ weeks. shit. I like it here, but i would like a change. pretty sure mizzou (the other girl who has been with me from the start and will be till the end) and I are the only 2 people who have ever stayed at one site for 2 months in AMVILL history. shit.
it will be fun tho, the new people are cool.
i have to go now. TTYL yall.


so the family frend of COCO picked us up and he is this really liberal, loud, man that lives in LA and hates the united states. majority of the things he talked about had to with how france was better than the us. it was kinda funny. he took us to his parents house near by and it was a beautiful french country home and the nice old people cooked local delicacies for us and practiced thier english with me. it was very nice.
then we went to Granville, a bigger city and walked around and shopped a lot. then we came home and went to the "english" bar for dinner. (it is owned by british people and ALL english people go there, it is strange)
it was a GREAT day off.

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