Monday, July 27, 2009



we prepared sketches all day. then we preformed.
i was the host, i wore a cloak.
tofu and i preformed hey by madonna, our only rule was that we could not move our feet. with straight faces we moved slowly and awkwardly for the entire song while tofu screamed the lyrics. it was awesome.
Toe Jam made half his body look like a woman and half like a man and then he sang A Whole New World and would sing the male parts showing the male side in profile and then flip around to do the girl parts. it was one of the funniest things i have seen in a long time. my cheeks hurt from laughing.

today we will go to the MONT SAINT-MICHEL again.
i am excited! it is cold and rainy now so hopefully that changes soon.
i am SO refreshed because Dwight, Toe Jam and I slept outside on the picnic tables by the TPs! it was so fun. the sars here are GRAND! it got slightly cold and wet but it was so fun! i feel awesome today.

Saturday, July 25, 2009



dwight and i spent 9 hours at the art bar. awesome. we always talked about doing it and then finally accomplished our goal. we read art books, wrote things, drank tea and ate delicious food. the people that work there might hate us now.
i really want to go there tonight (but cant) because there is going to be an art performance. :( too bad, so sad, i must work.
since i have to remain here at la mazure, possibly for another month, i am doing some major organizing and prioritizing, i want things to run more smoothly than they have been.
i am going to paris again on the 30th for a couple days because i have a 4 day break for inter-session. i might go with some others or just by myself, i dont care. i just wanna get outa normandy. i am sick of the rain. it is a beautiful day today. the train ticket only costs me 20 euro so it will be worth it.
it was nice to talk to you the other day MOM and ALEX.
we will do a spook walk tonight. time to scare the shit outa some kids. hehe.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


sorry it has been so long moma.


(my life is on a two week repeat)

fun day. whatever.
dont really remember.


i had a lot of fun this day. that is all i remember.
O a kid dislocated his shoulder. that was wild.


fun day. kinda wierd like always, kids in love, hearts broken, awkward dancing.
I did a one armed slow dance with the boy who hurt his shoulder and now has to wear a sling.
that morning in the daily skit i played the boy who found a womans leg and went on a search to find the beautiful woman it belonged to. cinderella inspired. that was fun.


today sucked. i was super stressed and it rained a lot. (however, i did have a rejuvinating run in the rain) i miss everyone at home. yes you! it is hard to keep in contact because of the time difference. sorry i dont call more. i also feel like people are going to slit my throught everytime i go on the computer. "you should be working." (translation: go walk around and pretend to watch the children play) i found out i will be staying at La Mazure for the next one, maybe two, sessions. that sucks. i really wanted to see another place. i need an adventure! i might venture to paris between sessions. but who knows. 2 other staffers are staying here two so that is cool, but we are getting a new director and other staff, that will be cool too, we def need some new faces around here. on the bright side, the food here is great and the site staff are awesome, and all the new staff will be men, and i know my way around, and we get to go to Mont Saint-Michel.
all is well. no need to worry. i will be in a much better mood later/tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


BTW: this is the boy that I think looks like a young Bjorn. (the one with the girl, haha)
Today is my DAY OFF
and how perfect it has been!
i just woke, it is 12 o'clock.
last night Tofu and i went to the art bar after our meeting, we got there around 11:46. it was a sat night so it was bound to be good. this bar is in the middle of NOWHERE but it is so cool that people come from all over to expierience it. it is the same bar i was talking about before, the one we all had dinner at over intersession.
there was a 7£ cover, eeek, but we payed it and it was worth it. there were 3 bands, we missed one, but the others were good, then they had a DJ and we danced the night away! it was so fun! there was this crazy 60 year old couple dancing with everyone, they were so great. we made friends with these 3 french people that lived in Normandy. they spoke english to us and we spoke french to them, so we could all pracitce.
today...we have yet to make plans...i think next on the agenda is eat lunch.
we ended up hitch hiking to Saint Hiler, a near by city. Being that it was sunday there was nothing open. we wandered and got pizza. then we hitch hiked "home" and joined the campfire that the kids were having. then i went to bed early.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


WOAHO it is the 40th day i have been in this lovely continent.

So the theme today was american athletics day and surprisingly i loved it. i played football and taught baseball. i know, i know, ME teaching a sport...i wasnt very good at it, but it was fun. I am actually pretty damn awesome at throwing a football. who knew?
These new kids rock. (i always say that in the begining.)

tonight i am going to the artbar with tofu cause it is his birthday today and we have the day off tomorrow. YAY


Friday, July 17, 2009


this session is going so much smoother than the last, i can already tell.
there are two girls that are admitted smokers. One 14, one 16. They also had 2 cell phones each that they were hiding from us. we make them give all thier electronics to us. and they were crying today because the younger girls called them whores. They wear matching outfits and lots of makeup.
We dont have any really funny names this session. but we do have a Macgiver Snuggie. The family names are infomercials: Foreman (Rooney Foreman), the Shamwows, the Snuggies, the Bare Essentials, Magic Bullets.
I am feeling better.
The new people are cool. conservative. but cool. i WILL offend them at some point. I WILL. gaurenteed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009




this was a good day? we relaxed all day...i wanted to go for a run or something, cause i feel like i never move, but i dont have proper running shoes.
mom, dont worry though, i bought bright pink shoes the other day.
We all went to town to go to the store. We found a manequin leg and a poster of a girl in a bikini on the street. great finds. we then knew it was going to be a great day.
We went to dinner at the best place on earth!!!!!!!! we call it the art bar, (Mizzou and Tofu discovered it on a day off from someone that picked them up when they were hitch hiking) It is an antique store/bar/restro/art gallery/venu. my cup of tea! they were playing really avant gaurde art films and they had a bunch of antiqes for sale and sculptres everywhere and awesome food and nice people!!!
i am going to spend all my days off there. it is down the river, so dwight and i are going to try and canoe there.


today the kids come, and 2 new conselors, Earl and Toe Jam? a southern baptist, brother sister pair. apparently they are super cool. I am anxious to meet them. I wish the kids would come tomorrow, or the next. It is hot today. We are all sick. bring on the little french people.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Mont Saint-Michel
Me and da co-workaz
i started to hate them a little. Once kids get comforatable with you they start to be not nice and for some reason they seem to understand less of what i said.
I liked them for the most part. loved some of them.
they are just so easily influenced and it is sad. barf. some of them thought they were royalty as well. barf. it is probably because these kid's parents are RICH! £££££££££££££££££££££££
and that is even better than $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (is it still?)
it will be nice to have a day off to recooooop.
i am going to dye my hair tonight. and we are going to have a counselor BOOM!
oh, the girls straigtened my hair last night and instantly liked me more. "OH Rooney! you look so much beautiful" "OH Rooney! Its makeup!" oh french kids.

Monday, July 13, 2009



i did not feel so hot this day but it was fine.

i slept in the TP the night b4 and last night.

we prepqred skits all day to preform at the spectacle that night.

My groups skit SUCKED. not even funny sucked, just sucked. I didnt feel like trying to persuade them to make it better.

at the specacle most skits were hillarious!! kids can be so witty, and then so awkward. it was fun.


Today is the LAST full day!!!!!!!! finally 14 days is a bit long to be with 50 11-15 year olds. They have gotten WAY to comforatable. They are just plain old nasty.
Then we had a boom. We set them up for a night of emotional torture. lets get a bunch of 13 year old couples that have been together forever (forever=3hours), dress them up, play a bunch of wierd songs that confuse thier hormones and tell them to have fun cause they will never see eachother again, turn the lights off and let em at eachother. awesome. We should really call booms sob fests. if i was collecting tears last night i would be swimming right now.
all the couples broke up ecept one...they made out the entire night...we have pics...thats wierd. everyone else was crying. what fun! all the staff were laughing and mocking them all night. it was grand. we are terrible. but it is hilarious.

Sunday, July 12, 2009







We went to the GREAT mont Saint-michel today!!!

it was so great!

we walked for 4 hours through the sea. well kinda.  the tide goes down for 6 hours during the day around mont saint michel (a mountain with a monastery on it) 
so we walked through a field of 20,000 sheep and then through the sand. it was AMAZING! i walked in quick sand! it was sooooo bizarre! if you start jumping in certain spots in the sand it will turn into quicksand and you will be up to your knees in wet sand! it was soooo cool! the kids loved it. we had to have a guide tho cause people can get stuck in it and sometimes die.  apparently there was a japanese tourist that had to get helicoptered out of the sand! hahaha
it is not necessary to walk to get to the mountain but it is def a cool experience.  the entire time you are walking you can see the tiny mountain in the distance bet bigger and bigger (google a pic it is beautiful)  there were dead and dying fish, eatable sea cactuses and lots of mud! we were filthy! it was sooooo fun! 
when we got there we discovered that it cost to go into the monastery so we just went part way up> what a view! i really want to go all the way up at some point> maybe on a day off.   We are also going again next session.  I am sooo lucky! apparently it is the most visited place outside of paris in france.  

Friday, July 10, 2009


Today was my lovely day off.
what a day.
got a ride to Ducey got some soif de coeur.
hitch hiked to Avranches.
hitch hiked back.
whole day consummed.
so fun.
so fun.
gooooooood day.

Thursday, July 9, 2009



today was OLYMPICS DAY. (wierd i know)
We had relay races all day... and we made flags. Then we played Human Scavengerhunt. It was game show style and I was the host. i had a great outfit. I now have no voice.
good day. I wasnt tired.
Tomorrow is my DAY OFF
peanut and I might rent a canoe.

my hair is long.
i am plus five pounds. (BREAD)
i eat well (see above)
i have zero clothes here.
i have the single ladies song stuck in my head.
my allergies are really bad at night and in the morning.
i love my people in MN
i love my new people in FR
life is goood

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


ooops. havent blogged in awhile.

The days here have me all confused of the time of year. it was july then 1901 then february then april.
we spent the day listening to hit songs. french kids have terrible taste and zero rhythm.
the day was quite magical actually. We started the day by dancing to SLEEPYHEAD really loud with everyone. French love to dance, it is lovely.
That night we had a dance competition = awesome. I taught single ladies dance that day (i NEVER want to hear that damn song again) we ended up editing it to a more CA (camp appropriate) version. kinda lame. We also taught solja boy; cotton-eyed joe. This was the day i realized how easily influenced kids are and how much they love repetition. "AGAIN"
for the dance competition I was a judge dressed like a used paula abdul inspired blonde drunk with a bad tan. EPIC.
p.s. if you have not heard of Techtonic, youtube it. french kids go nuts.


this day was lame and i was tired. I had to sub for an english teacher. I started to hate the kids. they litterally pretend they dont understand me when I speak. I know they understand and it is extreamy frustrating. I like them again, but that day I wanted to_______(fill in the blank)
That night we had a lame carnival and I was the tattoo artist and I drew a bunch of stars on my face to makze fun of that dumb girl from belgium zho "fell asleep" while getting tattooed and woke with 53 stars on her face. ! and the kids didnt get the refrence and i ended up drawing stars on girls faces all night. hillarious. I drew a snake on a kids chest too.


This day was funny and wierd. We spent the day preparing for the Dance/BOOM we would have. The girls did thier hair and makeup. Hehe. and we had a candel lit dinner that ended up turning into a napkin torch festival. French kids are strange. They are all dating eachother. Relationships last 3 hours and there is no drama after the fact. We counselors are sooo confused. Patty + Spoon, Patty + Miles, Patty + Wayne, Patty + James, Patty + Ben. (Patty is a hussy)
The BOOM was fun. I danced the night away. and I had 4 tiny slow dances with 4 tiny french boys.

today was earthday. we had nasty pancakes for breakfast.
I subbed for english again today and had them conjugate the word RESPECT. They still dont get it.
We went on a hike, like a real HIKE. It was soooo long and treacherous. and we got LOST. ADVENTURE we titled it our character building day. The kids hated it. We walked all day.
I dont know how i am even awake. it is 1 in the morning.


Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday was the grand FORTH OF JULY it was so rowdy over here in france...not. we didnt really do much but make the theme of the day American History day. I wore all black. We went to the pool with all the, untill the splash game started.
There are a bunch of british kids camping at the sight learning french and there is this old brittish man who likes to talk with us and tell us that england is the superior nation and that our huge american flag hanging outside is disgraceful (all in good humor of course). He is more british than anyone i have ever met...he strokes his chest when he talks and he has THE worst teeth I have ever seen besides the men with polio that I saw in Burma.
There are also these french delinquent kids here for some sort of retreat. They walk around smoking with thier baggy pants tucked into thier white socks in thier black adidas and greasy fo-hawks. (they are 16 btw) our kids are scared of them.
We had a campfire last night and made smores it was fun. I got to teach camp songs as well.

Today the theme is Hit Music Day and we are going to teach dances. (I was assigned single ladies)
I love the little french boys they are so funny. I taught them the nod greeting and it has been a hit.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Today i had the day OFF.
i slept in, did yoga in the tp, cleaned, showered, decorated the residence, had lunch with the site staff, went to Avanches (a near by ville) with Bad P, bummed around, took the bus "home", ate 2 dinners.
and now...i am tired and full.

Thursday, July 2, 2009



Today was gooood. first "real day". My mouth hurts from smiling. Ow. I love the kids, some are kinda nasty and disgusting. There are already some love affairs...HA.
I have a day off I will SLEEP then Bqd P and I will get a ride to town for a couple hours. YIP.
Thats all really...i could tell dumb funny stories. but they are all "had to be there" stories.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DAY 22

lets just start by saying OOOOOOOOOF

I went to paris last night so I could meet 43 children at the train station today and escort them on the train. OH MY 43 is a lot of 12-15 year olds. it was just me and Ariel the french girl, we totally broke the ratio rule. oops.

Paris last night was cool... i stayed in the hotel without ariel and met a lot of other AMVILLERS (what we call ourselves)
god everyone is so god damn high engergy here. everyone is so talkative! i have not stopped talking yet. (whats new?)

It is soooooooo HOT here. i want to go swimming very badly. VERY.

The kids are great. some speak english very well and others not so much. I have to talk in short, slow fragments, and i sometimes find myself talking like that to the other staff. haha. these kids have cell phone and comp time at this camp. I am watching the computer lab right now so i get to use the computer. cough-spoiled-cough. Girl scout camp would be hell for these kids. They do have to pay 800 euro for 14 days...
The food here is sooooooooooooo goooooooooooood!
being a vegetarian is not comon in france but the chef cooks very well for the 3 vegi people we have here! We had tofu today! the french dont know what tofu is!!! apparently the other sites do not have very nice food. we are spoiled here. def the best sight from the sounds of it. YES.

I am tired.

French kids love Miley Cyrus. ummm... ok.

We give the kids camp names and I have a jesus, a micheal jackson, a coffee man, a deek duke, a spoon, a kyno, a harry, a love, an adam and a kelly. GREAT. and our last name is E-Z. the theme was types of chairs. Lazy boy, stool (hahahahhaha), bean bag, rocking. Hillarious. next session is types of facial hair, the men are going to grow thier familys type.

My camp name is Rooney. Girl scout flashbacks. it is hilarious because the french kids have a very hard time saying it. "HOONEEAY" HA

We share a room. girls in one boys in another. beds suck. whatever. and the 3 french speaking counselors sleep in the same dorms as the kids. haha YES.

THERE IS A BOY HERE THAT LOOKS LIKE A YOUNG BJORN!!!!! i literally look at him and think it is him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will take a photo. JUST LIKE HIM I SWEAR.

They will be here for 14 days. I have 2 days off. I like it here. sigh.

This was the best note i have left in awhile...haha... finally had time.