Wednesday, July 8, 2009


ooops. havent blogged in awhile.

The days here have me all confused of the time of year. it was july then 1901 then february then april.
we spent the day listening to hit songs. french kids have terrible taste and zero rhythm.
the day was quite magical actually. We started the day by dancing to SLEEPYHEAD really loud with everyone. French love to dance, it is lovely.
That night we had a dance competition = awesome. I taught single ladies dance that day (i NEVER want to hear that damn song again) we ended up editing it to a more CA (camp appropriate) version. kinda lame. We also taught solja boy; cotton-eyed joe. This was the day i realized how easily influenced kids are and how much they love repetition. "AGAIN"
for the dance competition I was a judge dressed like a used paula abdul inspired blonde drunk with a bad tan. EPIC.
p.s. if you have not heard of Techtonic, youtube it. french kids go nuts.


this day was lame and i was tired. I had to sub for an english teacher. I started to hate the kids. they litterally pretend they dont understand me when I speak. I know they understand and it is extreamy frustrating. I like them again, but that day I wanted to_______(fill in the blank)
That night we had a lame carnival and I was the tattoo artist and I drew a bunch of stars on my face to makze fun of that dumb girl from belgium zho "fell asleep" while getting tattooed and woke with 53 stars on her face. ! and the kids didnt get the refrence and i ended up drawing stars on girls faces all night. hillarious. I drew a snake on a kids chest too.


This day was funny and wierd. We spent the day preparing for the Dance/BOOM we would have. The girls did thier hair and makeup. Hehe. and we had a candel lit dinner that ended up turning into a napkin torch festival. French kids are strange. They are all dating eachother. Relationships last 3 hours and there is no drama after the fact. We counselors are sooo confused. Patty + Spoon, Patty + Miles, Patty + Wayne, Patty + James, Patty + Ben. (Patty is a hussy)
The BOOM was fun. I danced the night away. and I had 4 tiny slow dances with 4 tiny french boys.

today was earthday. we had nasty pancakes for breakfast.
I subbed for english again today and had them conjugate the word RESPECT. They still dont get it.
We went on a hike, like a real HIKE. It was soooo long and treacherous. and we got LOST. ADVENTURE we titled it our character building day. The kids hated it. We walked all day.
I dont know how i am even awake. it is 1 in the morning.


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