Sunday, July 19, 2009


BTW: this is the boy that I think looks like a young Bjorn. (the one with the girl, haha)
Today is my DAY OFF
and how perfect it has been!
i just woke, it is 12 o'clock.
last night Tofu and i went to the art bar after our meeting, we got there around 11:46. it was a sat night so it was bound to be good. this bar is in the middle of NOWHERE but it is so cool that people come from all over to expierience it. it is the same bar i was talking about before, the one we all had dinner at over intersession.
there was a 7£ cover, eeek, but we payed it and it was worth it. there were 3 bands, we missed one, but the others were good, then they had a DJ and we danced the night away! it was so fun! there was this crazy 60 year old couple dancing with everyone, they were so great. we made friends with these 3 french people that lived in Normandy. they spoke english to us and we spoke french to them, so we could all pracitce.
today...we have yet to make plans...i think next on the agenda is eat lunch.
we ended up hitch hiking to Saint Hiler, a near by city. Being that it was sunday there was nothing open. we wandered and got pizza. then we hitch hiked "home" and joined the campfire that the kids were having. then i went to bed early.

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