Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DAY 22

lets just start by saying OOOOOOOOOF

I went to paris last night so I could meet 43 children at the train station today and escort them on the train. OH MY 43 is a lot of 12-15 year olds. it was just me and Ariel the french girl, we totally broke the ratio rule. oops.

Paris last night was cool... i stayed in the hotel without ariel and met a lot of other AMVILLERS (what we call ourselves)
god everyone is so god damn high engergy here. everyone is so talkative! i have not stopped talking yet. (whats new?)

It is soooooooo HOT here. i want to go swimming very badly. VERY.

The kids are great. some speak english very well and others not so much. I have to talk in short, slow fragments, and i sometimes find myself talking like that to the other staff. haha. these kids have cell phone and comp time at this camp. I am watching the computer lab right now so i get to use the computer. cough-spoiled-cough. Girl scout camp would be hell for these kids. They do have to pay 800 euro for 14 days...
The food here is sooooooooooooo goooooooooooood!
being a vegetarian is not comon in france but the chef cooks very well for the 3 vegi people we have here! We had tofu today! the french dont know what tofu is!!! apparently the other sites do not have very nice food. we are spoiled here. def the best sight from the sounds of it. YES.

I am tired.

French kids love Miley Cyrus. ummm... ok.

We give the kids camp names and I have a jesus, a micheal jackson, a coffee man, a deek duke, a spoon, a kyno, a harry, a love, an adam and a kelly. GREAT. and our last name is E-Z. the theme was types of chairs. Lazy boy, stool (hahahahhaha), bean bag, rocking. Hillarious. next session is types of facial hair, the men are going to grow thier familys type.

My camp name is Rooney. Girl scout flashbacks. it is hilarious because the french kids have a very hard time saying it. "HOONEEAY" HA

We share a room. girls in one boys in another. beds suck. whatever. and the 3 french speaking counselors sleep in the same dorms as the kids. haha YES.

THERE IS A BOY HERE THAT LOOKS LIKE A YOUNG BJORN!!!!! i literally look at him and think it is him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will take a photo. JUST LIKE HIM I SWEAR.

They will be here for 14 days. I have 2 days off. I like it here. sigh.

This was the best note i have left in awhile...haha... finally had time.


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