Monday, July 13, 2009



i did not feel so hot this day but it was fine.

i slept in the TP the night b4 and last night.

we prepqred skits all day to preform at the spectacle that night.

My groups skit SUCKED. not even funny sucked, just sucked. I didnt feel like trying to persuade them to make it better.

at the specacle most skits were hillarious!! kids can be so witty, and then so awkward. it was fun.


Today is the LAST full day!!!!!!!! finally 14 days is a bit long to be with 50 11-15 year olds. They have gotten WAY to comforatable. They are just plain old nasty.
Then we had a boom. We set them up for a night of emotional torture. lets get a bunch of 13 year old couples that have been together forever (forever=3hours), dress them up, play a bunch of wierd songs that confuse thier hormones and tell them to have fun cause they will never see eachother again, turn the lights off and let em at eachother. awesome. We should really call booms sob fests. if i was collecting tears last night i would be swimming right now.
all the couples broke up ecept one...they made out the entire night...we have pics...thats wierd. everyone else was crying. what fun! all the staff were laughing and mocking them all night. it was grand. we are terrible. but it is hilarious.

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