Sunday, July 12, 2009







We went to the GREAT mont Saint-michel today!!!

it was so great!

we walked for 4 hours through the sea. well kinda.  the tide goes down for 6 hours during the day around mont saint michel (a mountain with a monastery on it) 
so we walked through a field of 20,000 sheep and then through the sand. it was AMAZING! i walked in quick sand! it was sooooo bizarre! if you start jumping in certain spots in the sand it will turn into quicksand and you will be up to your knees in wet sand! it was soooo cool! the kids loved it. we had to have a guide tho cause people can get stuck in it and sometimes die.  apparently there was a japanese tourist that had to get helicoptered out of the sand! hahaha
it is not necessary to walk to get to the mountain but it is def a cool experience.  the entire time you are walking you can see the tiny mountain in the distance bet bigger and bigger (google a pic it is beautiful)  there were dead and dying fish, eatable sea cactuses and lots of mud! we were filthy! it was sooooo fun! 
when we got there we discovered that it cost to go into the monastery so we just went part way up> what a view! i really want to go all the way up at some point> maybe on a day off.   We are also going again next session.  I am sooo lucky! apparently it is the most visited place outside of paris in france.  

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  1. this sounds like fun maddie! i sent your letter a few days ago so you should get it soon. i am going to write another soon. i like writing letters especially to you because i know you appreciate it!