Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday was the grand FORTH OF JULY it was so rowdy over here in france...not. we didnt really do much but make the theme of the day American History day. I wore all black. We went to the pool with all the, untill the splash game started.
There are a bunch of british kids camping at the sight learning french and there is this old brittish man who likes to talk with us and tell us that england is the superior nation and that our huge american flag hanging outside is disgraceful (all in good humor of course). He is more british than anyone i have ever met...he strokes his chest when he talks and he has THE worst teeth I have ever seen besides the men with polio that I saw in Burma.
There are also these french delinquent kids here for some sort of retreat. They walk around smoking with thier baggy pants tucked into thier white socks in thier black adidas and greasy fo-hawks. (they are 16 btw) our kids are scared of them.
We had a campfire last night and made smores it was fun. I got to teach camp songs as well.

Today the theme is Hit Music Day and we are going to teach dances. (I was assigned single ladies)
I love the little french boys they are so funny. I taught them the nod greeting and it has been a hit.

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  1. Sounds fun. Just wanted to let you know that people read this so keep posting shit!

    LOVE back at cha :)