Tuesday, August 18, 2009



last night the little dinner party was very nice. i got to meet éric's roommate and friend. they are great. they live the simple life. "the simple life is the good life". we sat and talked in franglais for hours. it was fun.

this morning we woke at 6. shit. and then we went to the train station to catch our 7:25 train. it was the fast train so it wasnt bad. we got to avranches at 10:15 and to our dismay there were no buses till 12 so we just hitch hiked back. and then walked for 30 minutes with all our stuff. i have marks from my bag on my shoulder. oi. mizzou and i were back before the others so i got to shower and relax. the others returned shortly from paris, all in a terrible mood. yay. but they did bring a newbie, OZ, she is really cool, she lives in amsterdam at the moment and is originally from Madison, WI!! that makes me happy. we got another new french counselor because tux is gone now, his name is dizzy and he is crazy. nuff said.
today was long. it is late. the kids are older this time. all they do is roll thier eyes. i am teaching level one english (yikes). everyone here is in a bad mood so i am trying to be overly wierd to lighten the mood, it works sometimes.
i was a MN mom in a skit, it was my favorite costume yet.

goodnight lovas.

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