Tuesday, August 11, 2009



i had a very nice day.
i had the day off with mizzou and we started the day by traveling to carrefore (france's walmart). we bought some nice things like cidre, cactus gummies, chocolate, baggette, cheese, postcards with giraffes on them, and glue sticks. then we walked to downtown ducey where we were presently suprised by a street market. we got crepes for 80 cents! there were tons of fruit and fish stands and a very strange jewlery stand selling things from claire's (yes like the tacky jewlery store in american malls). we then sat on the steps of a chateau and ate bread and cheese and drank cidre. then we hitch hiked home and hung out and listened to every CD we own and ate more bread and cheese. after our chill sesh we walked to les biards and went to the cafe that is NEVER open, but today it was! pure magic. old men made fun of me because i was wearing a birthday hat, they tried to read it and couldnt. after that we walked to a beautiful old cemitary. next to the cemitary there was an old haggered woman smoking a cigarette and burning brush. she was creating a lot of smoke, her turkeys could barely breathe. We then went to a pattieserie and mizzou bought a pastrey and we walked home. we were pooped by the time we got back so i napped with the dog. i never nap, i feel strange.
we ate dinner with the kids and they sang to me like 4 times and i got some nice notes. ZIG ZAG gave me the best gift ever!!! she (with the help of mizzou and brown sugar) made an entire deck of cards for me with pictures from camp on every card!! it is so nice. one of the best things i have ever recieved. apparently i saw her making it multiple times and i was too oblivious to realize. ha. she put so much time in to it!

i am still wearing my birthday hat and it is almost midnight.

i have to plan a lesson for tomorrow.

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