Monday, August 17, 2009



Cete jour we woke at 10. so much sleep again! it is grand. the cutty cats were in our room all night making all sorts of noise, but how could they bother me they are so cute.
éric took us to the city to go to the natural history museum and to the planetarium! he is so great! i didnt expect him to want to hang out with us. he must think we are cool.
the natural history museum was awesome, i learned a lot about animals and rocks. i now also know the french words for a lot of animals. example: hibou = owl.
the planetarium was cool as well. it made my eyes hurt a little, and mizzou fell asleep, but i suprisingly understood a lot of what the lady was saying.
it is hot here.
now we are at éric's house. he is out collecting his girlfriend and we are just hanging out. his other roommate is here, karl. he is funny, doesn't speak much english. he is currently working on the out house they are building, the "toilette natural".
we are having a little dinner party tonight. éric is making soy steaks for him and i!
a tout a l'heure!

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