Thursday, May 12, 2011


oo la

All the stress from yesterday is gone...wait...did i even tell about it? NO not yet, sooooooooo, that nice place called Friends hostel that I booked turned out to be a BAD IDEA. Liane was curious so about 3 hours before my flight we were looking at the reviews and I quote, "Dont go here! its in a bad area full of prostitutes, gangs and pimps!" there were some really extreme ones about getting mugged and stuff too. No wonder the fucking place was only 17 euros a night. DAMN. I got super scared and booked 2 nights at a hostel I have been before in the the perfect neighborhood and perfect everything, but it was more than double the price. My logic was, I would rather pay a lil more than get robbed of all my things and my dignity. Im hoping I was able to cancel the other, but Im still unsure. Thats what my stupid butt gets. ALORS
Here i am in FRANCE! I got to the hostel when planned and they were playing Madonna Like a Prayer when I walked in. *Meant to Be***
When I was walking here I saw an adorable pair on bikes and they looked just as lost as I, low and behold they were going where I was going. We started talking and they are from Australia and they are gonna be biking from the south of France to Venice for the Venice Biennale!!! SO cool! turns out they are both artists and they go to the Biennale every 2 year (duh)s! They pretty much convinced me to go too...I just have to get there. I knew it was happening this year, but for some reason I didn't think it was plausable, but they convinced me it we will see about that.
We werent allowed to check into our rooms for another 5 hours or something so I went with them and thier bikes to Sacre Couer with a bottle of wine. So nice, just like old times. It is hot here. The hill was PACKED with people, interesting people.
My clock is fucked up. I didnt sleep on the plane at all and then it was 6 hours later here, still not sure what time it is.
p.s. Air France kicks asssssss, we got wine and salmon and pasta and cake and bread and cheese and coffee for dinner and then 2 hours later we got breakfast. HA. and I got a free blanket outa the deal....
p.p.s. The tattoo face guy from the Lady Gaga Born This Way video was sitting RIGHT behind me on the flight. He is very tiny in person. I wanted to say something but his skull face was intimidating.

I just woke from a nap, don't know how long it was, the german girls in my room are nice. Im gonna go to the eiffel tower tonight, keep the tradition alive. I think im hungover already. :/

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