Friday, May 13, 2011


Is it really only day seven? I am on my I touch right nOe so this will not be very eloquent or long . Today was good. Hung out with the Russian girl from my room and we walked along the river then she wantEd to come to the Pompidou with me. I warned her that I wanted to be ther all day and she still ended up paying the twelve euros to come in and only spent forty mis. W/e that happened to me last time when I bright someone with me. I ended up spending FOUR hours there. They have and amazing video library that I got lost in.
I then went back to the hostel and luckily foun David, Part two of the ausie bike pair. We then met Sarah and her friend David who had been biking all day. We had an Asian inspired dinner and then went back to the hostel forma bottle of wine. And then we went to a magazine launch that their friend was a part of. Mag launch equals major hipster party. It was interesting and it didn't tame long for us to leave to go to a bakery. Now I'm in bed. Miami girl below and German tO my right: goIng to breaky in the morn with the ausies. GOld night!!!

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