Saturday, May 14, 2011


i like that i wrote 'gold night' at the end of the last post. ha.

I leave for AZE today! catching a train in 2 hours. excited. gonna read so much.
Said goodbye to Sarah, David and David this morn, hopefully i will be able it meet up with them in VENICE (?). They are off to the south as well to begin thier bike ride. Ended up not going to breakfast cuz i needed to organize myself.

Now im gonna go to the market and get some snackies for the road/tracks. apparently its not a highspeed train...wah wah..but the scenery will be nice.
This hostel was so nice. soooo glad i didnt go to the other.
I better go...people waiting for this slow shitty computer.
Love you! talk to you once i arrive in american villageeeeee. omg i cant believe im going back. omg.

Its the next day but I will update this day.
Got to AZE after a tireing train trip. ITS A FUCKING CASTLE!!!!! A REAL CASTLE, i am in a castle!!
we started with a tour of the amazing grounds GIGANTIC and there are gardens and ponds and bridges and trees, and caves, and sculptures. its amazing:
this french keyboqrd sucks:::::
we then hqd an amazing dinner, zine cheese wine cheese.. the food will be good here, but we cook it our selves on the weekends because the kitchen staff arent here:
then we had a counselor boom that i wont go into details about..
O AND I HAVE MY OWN ROOM WITH A SHOWER that looks out to the garden!!! pics to come maybe
Qnd the people are cool: polar bear, griffin, bosh, cheeta, yoshi, hank the tank, karma and queen.

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