Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Good Morning Montreal!

Today Liane has class so I will go to the MUSEUM the contemporary art museum. Should be good. The art scene is hard to find here. They have a booming music scene and a pretty big film scene but contemporary art seems to be kinda under the radar. Im gonna find it.
Later tonight we are gonna see a some 'so bad its good' movie and then have a dinner party at Liane's. !



This day turned out to be amazing! I walked Liane to school and went to the art galleries at the school, they were pretty impressive.
THEN I went to the Musee des arts contemporaine. Unfortunately only one of the exhibitions was open because they are installing the new show. (a little bit poorly run but w/e).
BUT the institution was redeemed when I found the MEDIATEQUE! The museum library! It was chalk full of amazing beautiful books. I spent 2 blissful hours in those stacks. And I walked away with some photocopies of some articles as well. A worth while experience. A well needed experience.

3 hours and beaucoup de reading after, I met Liane after her class and we had dinner of Montreal bagels and lox.
I then walked back to her place and stumbled into a kooky shop, the kookiest shop I have ever been in. There were piles and piles of things and manequines galore! It was my dream land! I bought my lovely mother a dress. There was this giant pile that was about 6 feet high of clothes that were a dollar each. Be it only day 4 I resisted. The old man that runs the place was amazing. He gave made me a free shot of espresso. I love him. I love espresso. I love Montreal.

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