Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day who knows

Hello! Sorry that my only post this week was a panicy One. That night sucked but I'm all better now. I just got to San Sebastian today!!! Mizzou and I Planned this last min. My original plan was to go to Venice from Madrid but that sounded expensive and stressful. So here I am in the north of Spain two hours from my next site..DAX. It's beautiful here...and hot as he'll 37!!!!! Wild. Total beach town. The beaches remind me of brazil. We laid out today and the only sunscreen they sold in the store was 15spf, luckily this pastey white chick avoided a sunburn. The hostel we are staying at is great!! It is what a hostel should be. Young tan people everywhere saying hi and cooking food together. Lots of ausies. Tonight we are going on a pub crawl with the hostel peeps. Should be good cheap fun.
As for my last days in Madrid they were very nice, no bad luck, lots of good food and a super fun night at a park where you can see all of Madrid. Huleya was a great host.
I'm gonna stop typing on this stupid I pod now.

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