Friday, June 10, 2011


hey again

So today is the last day with this group of angelic kids. I really love them, they are super smart and positive. Three inparticular..Crab Broil and Route 66, they are the most adorable pair of 13 year old asipiering rockstars. Theybrought thier guitars and they played at the spectacle last night and they are just plain ol' nice. They let me listen to the recording of thier band yesterday and it is sooooo cute and funny. They sing all in english! "We are the invaders, we are here to play music" haha. And then there is Magic Cat who I mentioned before. She only has one arm because she broke her collorbone and she is always talking in a monotone voice about how much she likes everything and how everything is so impressive. Love em.
Last night was the BOOM and it was so fun. I am slightly embarrassed by how much fun I have at these middle school dances, but how could I not be having fun when I'm jumping around to top 40 music acting like a fool? Its like having a remote control at those things, anything you do, the kids do. I started doing this stupid walk/dance to Benni Banassi Satisfaction and they turned it into a thing that they did all night (probably due to the fact that french kids have no rhythm and consider jumping a complicated dance move). We danced the night away (till 11) and I am sore today (that's also embarassing).
This weekend a new batch o' staff come and then the kids dont come till TUS! Long weekend. Some of us are gonna go on a hike with some of the people that will be staying at the site this weekend, its gonna be intense apparently..8 hours or something like that. Fuck yes, I can't wait...hiking in the mountains of France...I'm so lucky.

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