Friday, July 8, 2011


We went to the beach today!!! started at the ocean and had to move to a lake because the waves were too intense and dangeroo. It was super fun and I am super sunburned.

Its been pretty fun with this group. they are older and super easy to entertain. "go do nothing" "YAY!!"

We have been working really long days tho, we are all pretty tired. I fell asleep in a dumpster when we did a spook walk because I was waiting to scare the children. I scared them good tho. Made some girls fall to the ground. Success.

Tomorrow the kids are gonna plan thier own day, simple, and the next day I am off, so maybe I could catch up on some communication.

I got a pretty cute Valentine from a camper yesterday, it said something like this: "Rooney, you are my prefered concelor. You are very happy and the best people for speak english to" BAH cute.
The boom was crazy fun yesterday. These kids love to shuffle.
Gonna hit the sack.

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