Monday, March 1, 2010

Better Photo

(maybe)Title: Stage for domestic dysfunction


I think I am going to take some close ups too......


  1. whimsical... infatuation...
    those are the words that come to mind.

    I think this piece does a good job "staging" violence. By that I mean, this would be, as I see it, an interpretation of medias portrayal of violence in todays pop culture.


    the pale pink, mantal piece, and home curtains is like a suburban home. family. middleclass. limitness. homliness.

    glitter - glamorous. excessive. whimsical.

    oh and then hey, a big, black, sparkly gun right in front of my homli suburbaned face. how glamorous. ... lets look at the war in iraq and make a romantic drama hollywood film on it... gangs in LA and Newyork, count me in! thats the life for me!... thugs and hos please.

    yes i'm being sarcastic but seriously. How glamorous do you feel when you listen to M.I.A....all I wanna do is * * * * and $ and take yo monay...or who is it? Rhianna? Her new album is all about fucking people up...rap?... GLAMOUR.
    and it's all targeted towards the suburban middleclass. well and the lower class. every body. but i think for the lower class its more real. the glitter says it all in this piece. LETS BE FABULOUS. MAKE WAR. IDOLIZE IT. CONSUMERIZE IT. PUT IT ON YOUR MANTEL PIECE. let's "live" by it. so how are we suburanite homies really living. what a lifestyle!

  2. ooooooo
    thats interesting that you saw it more as a piece on war than family, no one in my class said anything along those lines. i like.