Saturday, March 28, 2009

Conversation With Man

By Woman


Man meets Woman, Woman meets Man.  Hands shake, distance is made, two arms length distance.  They exchange names and basic information; profession, place of origin, ect. Small talk then takes place, each relating to something the other said.  “I am from St. Paul.” “Oh, then do you know where Appleton is?”  Even if the answer is no, the conversation goes on as if it was common knowledge. Nods are exchanged.  From there, real interest in the other person may take place.  “So you farm?” says Woman, encouraging him to go on. More nods exchanged.  Innocent talk is made of the light subject.  Conversation about said topic slowly fades.  This is the point that the conversation either is taken to a deeper level or is ended with polite, “it was nice to meet you”s.  If Man and Woman are lucky enough to engage in the rare act of face to face communication, the conversation develops in to a more intellectual exchange of words.  The two get more and more comfortable, and polite terms and gestures are disregarded.  Woman thinks Man is very interesting.  Man thinks Woman is very interesting and kinda hot.  The two move closer together, they are now an arms length from one another.  The topic is highly intriguing.  “Oh really?” Nods exchanged.  This is the point where the man usually gets the wrong idea.  The topic changes from the economy to his new cell phone.  Woman then realizes this wrong turn.  Woman steps back.  Man steps forward.  As Man reaches for phone Woman knows what to expect. “Can I get your number before you go Margret?” “Its Madeline.” As she proceeds to enter a false number in his device.  The conversation is now over.  Hands shake.  Parting phrases such as, “good-bye” and “see you soon” are said.  Man’s final thoughts: “She was totally into me. Success.”  Woman’s final thoughts: “He was totally into me.  Fail.”  

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