Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My european adventure is over. It was more experience than money. I think I like it that way.  It was the crazy summer I always wanted to have.  Now my standards for summer are much higher, so who knows what I will be doing next June.  
Next on the agenda: Los Angeles
My American adventure is about to commence.  (American Village wasn't enough America).  Sara and I are going to drive cross country on Monday.  I don't know the route we are taking so don't ask.  I don't know much about our house or our roommate so don't ask.  I think I like it that way.  I am moving WEST.  Its like living in the Oregon Trail game (on floppy disc).  I guess the only thing we are missing is a covered wagon.  My, excuse me, my mom's Honda CRV will have to suffice.  I might name it Ox. Ox the car.  
I guess this move could also be like living in a cheesy movie about an aspiring actress moving from rural Wisconsin to the big city of Los Angeles to try to make it big in Hollywood.  That is probably closer to my situation than Oregon Trail.  

Here we go. ALLER. 

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  1. just don't get snakebite or poisoning or attacked by wild animals or anything like that. and stop to talk to as many people as possible.