Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Danced With Pirates in Hollywood.

Hollywood Boulevard.  Its weird.  I went there.  
The birthday girl, dressed like a pirate, yells "bAAARRRt!" at the little Bart Simpson carrying a skateboard.  The family of Bugs Bunny waited 20 feet away at 2 in the morning for dad to be done with work.  Tourists watch the "hot people" party across the street from the souvenir shop.  Jack Sparrow winks at you.  All the while you are stepping on gold stars and gold names of people you have never heard of.  Oh wait, there was Drew Barrimore.  Note to self: I am not famous until people walk on my name.  Someone please buy me a fake light-up flower.  I think there are more poor people in Hollywood than glamour.  Apparently, I was supposed to meet a Johnas Brother last night, but sadly he didn't make it to the party.  Another situation that lacks glamour.  I danced with pirates in a hotel in Hollywood.  Glamourous? Yes. 

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