Thursday, June 18, 2009


Woke up in the back of a car, quite comfy actually. Had nutella for breakfast. Walked around the town a bit. Meh. It was the same same. Then we drove to the island Rügen to the town Alterfähr and walked along the ocean for awhile. Nice. The houses were cute.
Off to BERLIN! I was so tired in the car, I tried to stay awake to keep Sab company but it was nearly impossible. The drive was sooo beautiful. Rolling hills and windmills. When we got to Berlin, we found a parking spot just outside the city and then took the equivalent to the Metro into the city. I loved it instantly. I am moving there, 2014 perhaps, anyone wanna come? Sab hates Berlin, but I love it. We went to the Berlin wall park, got kinda lost getting there. It was cool, I got a little history refresher which was nice. Colorful. Then we walked to Postdam Platz and then to the Berlin Gate and then to Reichsthe/Bumdesthe (the senate building) We sat infront of it for a long while. It is a really cool old building, (again, like most). I like the Berlin residents. Then we walked to the Berlin Dome and then around. GOOD DAY.

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