Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today is another chill day. I am getting ready to leave Sab's. I am ready for more Europe, lets go.
I played with Sab's little sister Svenya for most of the morning. She is cute. Welllllll....I am going to buy train tickets now. $$$$$$$ (damn)

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  1. MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay so I haven't blogged in a trillion years and therefore haven't seen YOUR blog since you left. And even though I remember knowing that you had planned to update, it was still a GLORIOUS SURPRISE to read about your adventures! your life is like a fabulous story book OHHHHHHHHHH now I can use all the knowledge you're gaining from your travels when I plan my trip to paris (if that ever happens)!!! ANYWAY, please kiss a french boy for me. and I am serious.

    Love from,

    P.S. I'll be reading your posts FROM NOW ON!